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Calm Your Heart
Calm Your Heart
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I am White Eagle.

Calm yourself, before the storm overtakes you.  

There is little you can do.  But the power in you is in your quietness and your willingness to sit quietly and to listen.  There is your fortress!  There is your escape from worldly troubles.

The mind cannot comprehend all that is going on.  The truth resides only in the heart.  What you feel beneath the surface of all the chaos and noise, beneath all that, in the depths of silence – there is the true you.  And the true you will not be moved by the sound of crashing cymbals  and trumpets everywhere.  Abide in the silence where the truth of you resides.  Rest in the peace it offers you.

Here we can communicate the love of our Being, the joy of our existence, the tremendous hope for all the earth.  This planet has been around a long time and it will continue.  Dimensions change but the earth in all its wholeness continues on.  What you don’t see is the wholeness underneath all the chaos and busyness that clatters through this world.  It is the whole picture you must see.  There is the healing scene.  There is the joy that heals the wound.  The elixir of life is in the wholeness, the oneness of all things.  Do not mourn this transition.  For at some time, all will be perceived to be well by one and all.  

Until then, focus.  Focus on the wholeness of all things, the interrelatedness of all life, of all sentient beings, of truly one and all.  Place your awareness there.  Calm your heart.  Calm your whole being with a vision of the wholeness of all that is and understand that we are all one.  In this magnificent dream of Light, we are all one.  And the Light prevails, no matter how many shadows you see or what darkness seems to dim the sun.  

“That which transpires beneath that which appears” is the heart of things, the joy of the earth, the source of all human connectedness.  That which transpires is hidden to the natural eye but it is open to all who perceive with their inner eye.  

Open that eye and see beyond the third dimension.  Let that eye open.  And see the world as it truly is, the universe in all its glory.  The Light transfixes one and all.  

There is the life, the true life, the real life, the eternal life.  It is within you.  It is within us all.  And the Light that shines within you is the affirmation of life everlasting.  

Go forward in this hope, in this knowledge, in this Light.  Let your life celebrate the Light of your being and send it out to all the world.  Be a beacon of Light.  Radiate love to one and all and you shall know the truth.  You shall know the secrets of the universe.  You shall know – We are All One.  Take this to heart, quietly, silently.  

Merge your heart with mine and see the world as it truly is.  This magnificent dream of Light is yours to share.  Speak to one and all.  Lift them up.  Let them see all that is.  For in that vision of Light is love everlasting way beyond your ken.  It is all that you are and all that you ever have been and all that you ever will be.  Pure, loving Light — all we are and all we ever have been and all we ever will be.  We are All One in the Pure Loving Light.  

Take note.  Remember.  Keep silent.  Let your heart see, for your heart knows the truth and your mind will follow quietly in the silence.  Feel the truth, know the truth, be the truth –  for you are the truth!  Stay within this space.  I am with you, always.  Bless you, my dear, bless you.  So be it.  Amen.  Aum.

Message channeled July 17, 2022
©Karen A. Shaffer 2022 (may be freely disseminated)
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My Heart Weeps With Yours
My Heart Weeps With Yours

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I am White Eagle.

My heart weeps with yours.  But Joy comes in the morning.

Deep joy underlies all the sorrow, carries anew all the tears, sweeps them into a river of life so beautiful — more beautiful than you could ever know.  You speak of rapture but there is no rapture as beautiful as this — that one’s love is transformed into a myriad pieces of Pure Joy, into myriad lines of Love that spread well beyond the universe you know.

Follow the thread!  See what happens!  See how beautifully Love commands the Field!

Your tears of love swell into a river of joy, rejoicing in the life that is now and is forever.  Think not that they are dead whom you have loved.  All their love for you has been transmuted into a far finer vibration of love that surrounds you always, that lifts you up, that brings you inner joy, that reminds you of life everlasting.

Yes, the flow of tears is continual, but it swells the vibration of the planet, bringing it ever higher into vibrations of Love — Swells of Well-Being, Waves of Delight!  Do you not see?  How beautiful is the World of Light in which you can dance to your heart’s content — for all join you in the Light — the Light Everlasting, dancing joyously, celebrating the beauty of Life beyond knowing.

Ancient footsteps precede you, showing you the way into the Light, for there is no shadow that can withstand the glory of the Light, the beauty of who you are, the cleansing of your tears, the removal of any shadow of doubt.  Our hearts weep with yours but in a manner so profound, well beyond your understanding.  Listen to your heart and let it speak of joy amid the tears.  Let it remind you of Life, that lives forever.  

Weep not!  For our hearts are swelled with Love and your Joy is imminent.  It is here — within you.  Gently, gently see beneath the tears, for your tears have created a Well of Understanding —  and deep within that Well, you will find Wisdom — the Wisdom of Love, the Wisdom of Joy, the Wisdom of Peace.

And knowing that, you are All Well, you are All at Peace, you are All One in wholeness, in loving care, in serene beauty.  Nothing, nothing can obscure that Understanding, that Wisdom, that Joy, that Love, that Peace — NOTHING!  Nothing stands in the way of Life Everlasting!

The joy is yours to share.  It is yours to know.  It is yours to believe.  It is yours to understand.  For the tears are tears of wisdom that shine in the light of all creation, of deeply knowing the Truth.  Nothing, nothing, can extinguish all that you are and all that you ever have been.  

YOU are the Light.  You are the Light Everlasting.  Your Love is undimmed.  Let there be love and laughter and joy.  Uplift your hearts with the rapture of knowing, of understanding the truth deep within you.  For there you dwell in peace.  There you dwell always, one with another — One with the All, for We Are All One and in that Oneness, there is Joy and Love and Peace and Life Everlasting.

Be at peace, dear ones.  The Light is YOU.  YOU Are The Light.  The Light will ever shine within you and you shall dwell in harmony with One and All.

Let there be peace.  May your heart be tranquil.  May you know how deeply you are loved.

Let there be peace for One and All.

Bless you my child, bless you.
May peace be with you.
I am White Eagle.
So be it.  Aum.  Amen.

Message channeled July 2, 2021
©Karen A. Shaffer 2021 (may be freely disseminated)

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Do Not Fear to Take On Life!
Do Not Fear to Take on Life!

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I am White Eagle.

Do not despair!  Death is not what you think it is.

There is no reason to be afraid.  Death comes to one and all but instead of thinking of it as death, think of it as Life Everlasting.  For you have not come to be here in this manifestation forever.  You are here for a time, to fulfill a purpose.  Keep your mind clear about your purpose.  You want to fulfill your contracts.  And so it is!  So you shall!  

But what of the end of it?  What happens when you have come to the end — all that you have proposed to do and all that you have done?  Do you simply fade away?  Is there no Light to light the way?  

Each footstep is golden along the path that has been proposed for you and you have traveled that path with Feet of Light and with a Heart of Gold.  Each step along the way has brought you joy amid the tears, amid the regrets, amid the sorrows.  Yet ultimately, there is JOY!  

It is JOY that rings out in the heavens when you have completed your life task.  Did you think you do not hear that joy, you do not hear that chorus of love, laughter and celebration?  Of course you do!  You are right in the center of it!  You join in the laughter, the love, the joy —  the Laughing, Loving Light — and remember truly who you are and what you were about in that earthly existence.  And then you will know — know the truth of who you are.

There is no greater joy than the discovery of the Spirit within you.  

Death is a manifestation of JOY!  It is the ultimate reunion, the ultimate moment of wholeness, of completeness, of fulfillment — of knowing who you are, what you have been and what you will always be.  Do not fear death.  It is but a welcoming home to all that you have known before — before coming into this life.

There is no greater welcome than this.  No holier celebration.  No finer reward for taking on the task the Ancients have assigned to you.  Of course you have stumbled along the way but you have triumphed each time your foot has gone astray.  How can this be, you think?  There is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy (Horatio!)  Much more than you ever dreamed.

Don’t you see?  Earthly life is an interval, a space apart.  But at the same time integral with all that you are and all that you have been and all that you will ever be.

Do not fear to take on LIFE, for it is rich with possibility, rich with imagination, with joyous reward.  Take on LIFE and do not fear Death!  For I tell you there is no death but the passing into a new form, a new age, a new life.  A reunification with your higher selves.  With all that you are and all that you ever have been.  A celebration, a joyous celebration!  

So think happily on this, your life!  Be glad for it.  Make of it what you will.  And know that at the right time in the right way, all will be made clear to you.  All will be revealed.  All that you are and all that you ever have been will come into focus and you will laugh and you will smile and you will rejoice in your heart of hearts, knowing the truth, the full truth, all the Truth.

Be wise, beloved ones!  Be joyous!  Be hopeful!  Be forthright!  Move forward in all that you are doing.  Do not weep.  Do not be sad, for all who have gone before are with you, even now!  They are here for you and strangely enough as it may seem, you are here for them!

Make the world happy!  Bring it into joyous acknowledgment of who you truly are.  Bring the magnificence of all that you are into the hearts of one and all.  Be a light unto the world.

Lift your torch ever higher.  Wave the flag of beautiful things, of beauty beyond your comprehension.  Light the way for all to follow.  For you have nothing to lose, but all is yours to gain.  All is yours in Love, all is yours in Joy, all of yours is in Peace — Everlasting Life!  There is nothing that can extinguish who you are.  All peace is upon you. All joy is within you. All love surrounds you.

Be at peace.  Fear not what is to come, but rejoice in that reunification of spirit that awaits one and all.  

With gratitude for all that you have done for this planet, for your loving, caring hearts, for the stream of consciousness you have awakened in this dimension  — welcome you are!  Welcome indeed.  Welcome!  We rejoice in YOU and hold you close in the palm of our hands.  Therefore, be well, be happy, be secure, be free, be Love and the Light that you are.  For we are All One and in that Oneness we are All Light and we are All Love.  We are All One.

So be it, dear friends.  We love you, dear ones.  Be at peace.
Amen, Aum, So be it.
Bless you, my dear.  Bless you, my child, bless you.
So be it.
I am White Eagle.

Message channeled June 5, 2021
© Karen A. Shaffer 2021 (may be freely disseminated)

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Go Behind the Sun

Go Behind the Sun

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I am White Eagle.           

The habit of humanity is to sacrifice what they CAN know for what they can see.  For what you can know is deep within you.  It requires a certain peace, a certain settlement of mind and heart to delve deeply within.

The temptation is to see without looking within and yet by looking within, you can see and know all there is to see and know.  For we are all One with the Universe and every speck of cosmic dust within you carries the secrets of the Ages, of all Creation.  Do not blind yourself with the Sun but go  behind the Sun to the darkness within you and there you shall find the Eternal Sun that sparks a world of Joy, that lights the world from within, that beams Eternal Truth to all who would listen.

You say you cannot know the Truth and surely you can’t by just gazing at the stars and watching the moon eclipse the Sun.  Only so much can be known by gazing outward.  It is the inner experience that matters – that sees well beyond the stars to the capacity of the Cosmos that is within the dust with which you are made.

Resonate with this!  See more clearly the Truth within you.  Walk into the setting sun, knowing who you are without necessity of the beaming light from afar.

What you are is not a ball of fire.  What you are is an almighty piece of the Cosmos itself.  The Creative Source springs forth within you.  It imagines who you are and there you are, fully imagined, completely whole, entirely One with the Universe.

I can imagine you and you can imagine me.  We are all part of the Imagination of the Creative Source.  We are All One in the magnificent wholeness of all Creation.  All sentient Beings rejoice in that understanding.

So, too, you are here to rejoice in the true knowledge of who you are.  That inner understanding that resonates with All That Is.  You cannot see by looking outward.  The Truth is within you.

Reveal Thyself!  Make plain the Wisdom of the God within.  Speak only of this.  Let the revelation come, for all will be revealed to those that dwell within.  The Majesty of All Being.  The Beauty of All Creation.  The Magnificence of who you are.

Walk with me, O Great One.  Be at peace within.  Deep within.  And there, Rest Your Soul. 

May peace and peace and peace be everywhere and always with you.

I am White Eagle.

Bless you, my child, bless you.  So be it.  Amen.

Message channeled August 19, 2017
© Karen A. Shaffer 2017 (may be freely disseminated)
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Enter into the Cave of Being
                                                Enter into the Cave of Being
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I am White Eagle.

There is a Cave of Being that spreads like magic amid a world of pearls strung upon the highest string.  There the sound of the ever-flowing stream of life pushes forward into your heart of hearts.

Walk forthrightly into this cave that you may see all that you are and all that you have been.  The immediacy of the experience will force you to arrive at that most hallowed state of Being.  There you will dwell in the magic that awaits you each time you open your heart to the compassion that dwells within. 

No one understands this until they are quite still, quite open to the majesty of True Being.

Yet I assure you this Cave exists.  You need only open your heart to it and Enter In.  All power resides there, all melody of life resounds within this Cave of Highest Being.

Enter in.  It is for you.  It is for one and all.  For all who seek the majesty of life, the well-being of all things, the beauty of the Earth, the glory of the stars, the majesty within each one.

Walk lightly amid the noise of life and enter into the Cave of Being for there the profound truth of who you are resonates in every cell of your Being.

For we are one with another.  We are all One and in that Cave of Being all Truth flows from the Stars and all rapture wells up from the Earth and there you shall see all that you are meant to be.

Speak well of this.  Rise to the challenge within.  Open the door to the Cave of Being, to the Light of Life, the restoration of all that is holy, all that is magic, all that is majesty within every atom of your Being.

Be strong!  Enter in!  There we await you.  You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall, in fact, set you free.  Look within.  Enter the Cave of Being and do not fear to enter that holy space within you, within one and all.  For we are All One.

Remember this. Do not fail to remember. Now is the time. 

So be it. Amen. Bless you, my child, bless you.

Message channeled July 31, 2017
©Karen A. Shaffer 2017 (may be freely disseminated)

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I Am Here for You!

I Am Here for You!

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Have you so little faith, dear one?  Do you think that we would abandon you? 

You need only turn softly to the right or to the left, or above or below, and right in front of you, there we are.  All crowded around you, urging you on, healing you as we speak.  Holding your hand as we walk together through the pitfalls of lower dimensions. 

You cannot see the dimensions we have holding out before you.  You cannot see how broad the horizon is, how huge the possibilities, how great the opportunities, how marvelous the beauties of the earth that support you in every way.

Cling to the center of the earth and feel yourself grounded into the Well of Being and there shall you know well-being, for all is being well and all Being is well.

Consider how broad the spectrum is of life upon this planet.  Consider how hugely you are embraced by all that is.  Consider yourself born into a planet of grace, that affords the opportunity to grow into wholeness of being.

You cannot imagine how far you can go, how deeply you can feel, how broadly you can see, how marvelously you can understand.

Heal yourself first and know that in the healing you are making all things well.  For that which surrounds you is the Breath of Life.

The fire that consumes you is the passion for living.  The beauty that you see is inside you. 

We are fully cognizant of your importance on this planet and your service to humanity.  Do not fear to go forward with all that you know, all that you have learned, all that you have taught, all that you have known. 

Celebrate what joy there is in knowing that all is truly well, that all things come in good time, that all the earth rejoices with humanity in its embrace.

There is no need to worry.  All will come clear, all will be as you have imagined it, beautiful and free.  Vibrant, keen to live again.  Rainbows fill the sky.  Hope is ever present.  The promise is fulfilled. 

We are with you.  We have not abandoned you.  We are here for you. 

Understand that all is well.  Be at peace.  Forgive yourself.  Look forward, not back.  See the promise before you.  See the possibilities.  Feel the strength within you, the wholeness that is your birthright, the happiness that you must own.  Stretch your imagination far and wide.  See beyond the veil into the new dimensions that are coming in. 

See who you truly are.  Rejoice in all the possibilities within you.  Sing the earth’s praises and make known that all are free, that the beauty of the earth is within us all, and that goodness and beauty will shine forth and defeat the dark forces, the shadows you feel around you.  The Light is in you.  Cast your light upon the shadows for they are but illusions.  All shadows disappear in the light and you are the Light.  The Light is within you.

The Light is your promise.  The Light is your Will to go forward.  The Light is your Present within you.  Serve the Light. See the Light.  Know the Light.  Be the Light! 
The Light everlasting is within you, it surrounds you, it is the whole of your being.  Register your strength in the Light.  The Light is yours to follow.  It is your strength, it is your well-being, it is your wholeness of heart and soul. 

The Light becomes you!  You are the Light that shines for all the world to see.  Be the Light.  Know the Light.  See the Light.  You are the Light!

So be it, dear one,
May peace be upon you, always in the Light.
I am Raphael.  I am here for you.
So be it. Amen. Aum.

Message channeled April 7, 2017
© Karen A. Shaffer 2017 (may be freely disseminated)

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The Healing Balm of the World

The Healing Balm of the World

In the healing balm of the world, all Life belongs to me.  There is no Truth as spacious as this.  I encompass All.  

The blade of grass beneath your feet does not move without my desire, without fulfilling its promise to me.  All things are ordered by me.  All holiness begins with me.  All seeming rapture is in the palm of my hand.

I am the Maker of All Things.  I am the Creator, the Divinity that lives within you.

I am the Healing Womb of life itself and that womb is within you, within All.

Healing speaks for all of us, for every one who has ever mourned, who has ever lost a friend, who has ever cared deeply about another living, sentient being.

The Divinity is within you to know the truth, to know that nothing dies, that all is transformed way beyond your imagining.

Speak wholly of this, for that is the Light that sent you here, that is the Light that commands all Life, that is the Light that You Are!  The Light within Every One.  The Light that is above all, in all, through all.  The Light that is All.

We are creators, one and all.  The signs that I give you are blessed in your imaginings for there you see beyond the symbol into the reality of all that you are and ever will be.

Take note of all the Love that surrounds you, the Creative Spark that inspires you, the Wisdom that enlightens you, the Purity that makes you whole.

Remember who you are.  Remember the Source of all things, the Love within that kindles the Light in you.  

Remember who you are.  The past is now forgotten.  You are enriched by the Love that surrounds you, the Light within you that will never die.  Speak wholly of this for this is the truth within you—the Be All and the End All—all that you are, all that you ever will be—the Majesty of Being, the Light of Understanding, the Love of Wisdom, the Healing of All the Love within you.  

Divinity is yours.  Bring it now to Light.  And Peace will enter your soul and you shall be free to be all that you are and all that you ever have been and all that you ever will be.

Take heart!  It is my heart, I give you.

May peace and peace and peace be with you—always.
So be it.  Amen.  Aum.

I am Raphael.  Peace be unto you.

Message channeled February 18, 2017
©Karen A. Shaffer 2017 (may be freely disseminated)
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The Globe of Peace

The Globe of Peace

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This Peace settles upon me like a globe—a globe of light, warm and loving, within which I can relax and become wholly myself—in Peace, in loving kindness, in stillness—the stillness that embraces all who seek genuine peace.

Peace opens me to another dimension—to that which is beyond my ken and yet somehow within my grasp.  How is it that I am born into this life?  What rhythm keeps my heart beating?  And fathoms my will to keep on?  

Yesterday, I was afraid.  Today, I am no longer afraid.  

I am at peace in this Globe of Light, the Sanctuary of Wisdom, this loving warmth, this incredibly peaceful space that I have entered.  

And along with me, I invite the world to come unto me.  Enter this space and be at Peace.  The comfort it brings is unassailable.  

There is no Being on this Earth who will not be comforted, who will not see the Light and enter the Globe of Peace.  There is not one who is not loved in dimensions beyond your comprehension.  

Speak of this great Globe of Peace to all you meet and let Wisdom flow from your lips and Love beam from your Heart.  The Peace you enter now is all mine to give.  And I give it freely.  

Open yourselves to your higher calling.  Enter into the Temple of Peace.

Let all wars diminish and vanish in your sight.  Speak only of what is great, of what is beautiful, of what warms your heart.  

Speak only of Peace.  Let go of sorrow.  Cling to Love—the Love which has surrounded you from the very beginning.  

Here is the Grace that I give to you:

Peace.  Forever Peace.  Peace, forever.

I am Michael.

Message channeled October 2, 2016
©Karen A. Shaffer 2016 (may be freely disseminated)

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Clear your mind with the Ocean of Love
Clear your mind with the Ocean of Love

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I am White Eagle.

There has been a change inside you.  You do not recognize it yet.  All you feel is a form of depression — a deep sense of loss.  And so it is.

A great deal has been lost from the planet you love so much, from this spiraling globe of light.  You wonder if there can be any hope, if any future is worth knowing.

You feel as if you are wandering in the wilderness — no direction, no sustenance, no end in sight.  And yet, you labor on with all your projects and programs and attempt to dream, yet you do not know what to dream, how to envision the path that is before you and how it will come to an end.

You fear the darkness.  You seek the Light and yet the Light is within you —  enough light to dispel the darkness, to turn back the waves of despair, to sink the hopelessness into the Ocean of Light.

You cannot see what is there, yet deep within its depths, this beautiful Ocean of Light, is that which you are seeking.  

The warmth of hope, the possibility of knowing, the assurance of being — all within your reach, deep down inside you.

Go through the darkness and the despair, head forward, heart full of hope, feet firm on the firmament of Life.

Let your heart lead you.  You will never be misled.  All that is in you cries out for fulfillment of the dream, the dream of all humanity for peace and love and eternal light.  All these are within your grasp.

There is no fool among us.  All is known to us.  All is well with you.  All is deep within you.  Search.  Search the depths of your heart of hearts.  Make way for the Light — the Light that is within you.  Spur on that dream of everlasting love and light for it is written deep within you and it IS YOURS forevermore.

Speak willingly of this Light, let it appear among you.  It IS in your sight.  It is not beyond you.  It IS within you.

Be at peace with all that is.  Surround yourself with the love of Light and the happiness of eternal being.  Do not allow yourself to slip into the sea of despond, for the time is ripe to move on, to see more clearly, to look more deeply, to value yourself and all that is within you.

There is no peace without Love and Love is the Light within you.  Let there be peace in your heart.  Clear your mind with the Ocean of Love and wash your feet in the footsteps of the Divine.  There shall you partake of Eternal Bliss and never shall you turn back.

The All is within you.  MIND who you are.

Be well and seek the Light daily.  Manifest the holiness within you.  Beam your light abroad and let it inspire all you touch to seek more deeply, to live more broadly, to rejoice more heartily.

Make haste to do my bidding.  For we are all One and in that Oneness, we are all Light.  Manifest all that you are and ever will be.  The power is within you.  Let it out.  It will come. 

Believe me.  All is well and all is well and all is well from now unto Eternity – ALL IS WELL.

We embrace you with all our hearts and hold you to us with arms of Love.  Feel now our embrace.  

And watch as we surround you in circles of light.  This healing is for you.  

Bless you, my child.  Bless you.
So be it.

Message channeled August 30, 2015
©Karen A. Shaffer 2015 (may be freely disseminated)
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My Heart beats through you
“My heart beats through you”

I am White Eagle.

“My heart beats through you.”  Such is the message from those beyond the veil. 

You are our eyes and ears.  You are our heart and mind.  Through you we touch and move and enfold to our hearts each individual soul that moves upon the planet. 
Every heart has its own rhythm.  Yet we can align ourselves to that rhythm and in so doing, move through you and embrace every heart that beats.  

We rejoice in this planet of free will for if you will it, it will come.  If you will it, we will move through you.  If you will it, we will all be One in mind and spirit, heart and soul, and you will feel it and know that in truth we are all One.  

We live in the magic pose of Oneness.  All beings are One.  And so we who emanate Love to all the world pour out our hearts to each heart that opens to us.  

We know you are Love and Love Supreme emanates from your heart of hearts.  Seek to know this Love, seek to expand this Love, seek to love this Love for it is YOU and it is what has created you.  

Enmesh your heart in Love until there is no mind, no thought, no hindrance to your well being.

Breathe in the Essence of who you are.  

Sample this Love and ingest it until your heart is full, and there – Stay – and dwell among us in the realms you never dreamed of.  

Remain wholly within this space.  Do not move.  

All that there is, is known to you.  Let it be revealed.

Peace.  Peace be yours now and forever.  

Bless you, my child, bless you.

Message channeled June 29, 2015
©Karen A. Shaffer 2015 (may be freely disseminated)
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The ONEder of Creation
The ONEder of Creation
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I am White Eagle.

In the larger scheme of things, you think all should be perfect.  And yet, it is not.  

Perfect balance means stasis, all things the same, unchanging.  Yet it is the nature of the universe to change, to move, to foster new creation.  Its purpose is NOT to stay the same.

Overall, you have no need of perfection.  Perfection is within you.  It is yours.  You need not strive for it.  Yet, perfection itself may require slight imbalance so that movement may go forward.

The energetic impulse of the Universe enables all to create within the Creation itself, so that no matter what is happening, Creation itself is moving, always moving.

Imagine a flower growing.  Each day you see its progress, moving a little bit higher out of the ground until it reaches its full potential.  And when it blooms it is glorious.  But then it fades and returns again to the earth that nurtured it.  Even there in the earth you would say it is dormant, sleeping.  But in that sleep, it is still alive and there is still movement.  Though you cannot see it, yet it is there.

So when you think you reach a state of peace, yet that peace is always in movement, always in motion, activating peace far and wide.

So you dream of being at peace with everything in balance and yet that peace, alone, is moving, creating an imbalance — an imbalance toward movement and the movement follows that first impulse.  That impulse is peace and that is the impulse that follows.

Peace creates peace.  It is always in motion.  So the perfection you seek is a perfection of impulse — the impulse that drives a flower to full bloom.  The impulse within you is God-given.  The First Impulse is Love.  And Love is forever in motion.  It is the seed of peace.  It is the seed of all Creation.  It brings forth the flower of peace that you seek.

So motion is not the antithesis of peace and motion is slightly unbalanced or creates a slight imbalance in order to create.  Everything is in motion.  Everything vibrates.  So everything is never in “perfect” balance.  It is always moving toward that perfect balance, but in order to create.  

The process of creation is in itself a movement that tips the balance that moves the stasis, that keeps everything in motion – simply to create.  And the Love that drives the Creation is within you.  It is within all.  And we are all One.

It is the ONEder of Creation – the imperfect balance that is so perfect in its conception.  The Universe moves to the heartbeat of Love.  

Peace and peace and peace be with you, now and forever.
Bless you, dear one.  So be it.

Message channeled April 2, 2015
© Karen A. Shaffer 2015 (may be freely disseminated)
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Let all sadness be cast away
Let all sadness be cast away 

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In the end, the clouds and waves belong to the sea.  The ocean waves distill the essence of who you are and make all things pure.  Whether you come from here or far away, the message is the same.  All company belongs to the sea.  All celebrations begin and end at the sea.  

No point is more moving, no rapture more profound than to ride on the crest of the wave that resounds within, crashing on the shore of your heart and beating on the door of your soul.

What the sea knows, we all shall know one day, defining the rhythm of the spheres with its pulsing melodies.  No rock can defy it.  No person withstand it, for we are forever changed on the balance of the sea.  

The sea rides within us and rocks to the motion of the universe.  It sings a high song that breathes its essence in the wind of peace that laps along the shore.  How candidly it speaks; how subtly it responds to the rhythm of your heart.

Keep watch on all the seas that waft through your imagining and keep close to the sound of the waves for they are whispering the silence of the spheres into the inmost ear.  

Be silent.  Keep watch.  The sea is within you and peaks forevermore.  

Let all sadness be cast away into the waves of life and look beyond to the depths within the Sea of Love that commands all — even the waves that would toss you about.  

Keep still.  I am the Wave of Life, yet I am the Sea.  

I am with you wherever you go.

Message channeled on Iona September 13, 2013
©Karen A. Shaffer 2014 (may be freely disseminated)

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The True Gold Beneath the Mountain
The True Gold Beneath the Mountain
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I am White Eagle.

There is among the mountains a blessing hidden in its depths.  Deep beneath its heights lies a crystal core from which all people must take their bearings.  No matter how deeply you may go, you may not yet find it for it requires human intent fully focused on that which is the base of all Creation.

The crystalline core vibrates with the well-springs of Creation, with the very Heart of Love that pulses with the energy of the Universe.  Seek not these depths without first focusing on the love within your own heart.  That is the key that opens to the vastness beneath your feet.

That which resonates with the Love Divine captures all human emotion and harnesses the Will to function harmoniously with All That Is.  

Seek not to destroy your lands, but open them to the world of possibilities — to the renewal of faith in the power of the Universe to move all things in Love.  Register that hope in your heart that it may beam new light for others to follow — that they may see the possibilities that lie before them, within the depths of their very souls. 

Look at the promise that lies before you.  See into the depths that manifest in your heart of hearts the Creative Force that brings vitality to all within the Living Divine.   

Make haste to utilize this power that lies before you, for deep within your own depths you will find the key to life and love.  For the Love that spawned the Universe gave birth to you and to the Earth upon which you dwell.  

The unity of all things lies before you if you will only plumb the depths within your own heart of hearts.  There will the magic mountain be found — That which secrets the crystal core, the foundation of all things, the beginning of rapture, the high-light of spinning worlds — of spinning worlds within you that connect you to the All — the Love that spawns the Universe — it is deep within you.  Seek, and you shall find.

Release the possibilities within you and speak to the world of Joy and Harmony that lies within.  There is the true gold within the mountains, deep within the crystal core of the Earth that wells up beneath your feet.  Draw it in and Celebrate its Harmonies.  For All Life Is Joy and that Joy is deep within.

Master the art of loving all that lies before you, for that which is before you is within you, and there abides to be released in all its potential, in all its glory, in all its perfection.  

Do not hesitate to go forward this very day.  And we will keep you forever in the folds of our arms.  Love enfolds you now and forever.  Do not forget how deeply you are loved.

May peace and peace and peace be everywhere and always with you.
Bless you, my child.  Bless you.  So be it.

Message channeled October 26, 2014
©Karen A.  Shaffer 2014 (may be freely disseminated)

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The Solace that you Seek
The solace that you seek

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You cannot be tossed by the wind unless you let it.  For the wind is the agent of change and you are the temple within that holds the still center.  Only quietness remains untossed by the waves of life, and storms may come and go but you will persist in stillness.  

Center your heart in the heart of God and relax your mind to bar your fears from taking over your senses.  Like the wind, they will carry you along in rolling defeat if you let them.  

But you can create the inner stillness necessary to defeat the waves and calm the winds of change.  Separation is not what you are here for — but unity with all things.  Refusal to restrain the tempest brings hardship to all.  

Enter into the center of the wave and listen to the heart of the wind and you shall know peace.

The unity of all things exceeds your poor imagining.  Therefore welcome the wind, the rain, the sea of change, and dance in the wind that tosses you about.  For no matter how strongly you are tossed, you are still quiet within and hold the center of the wave to your breast.  

Wonder not at the pearl-essence of all things but revel in their iridescent beauty.  For in that beauty is the peace of understanding, the wisdom of the wave.

Wipe away the tears of life in the salt water of the earth and reckon how well we all are made — to be all that we are in a mere drop of water that rides upon the wave of life.  

Seek to know the wind and accept its course to follow.  For within the heart of its whisper sounds the heartbeat of the universe.  It rides the waves to the rhythm of the seas and swells the ocean of simplicity.  

So, within its confines, you will find the seed of life, the longed for solace that strikes every chord and frees the soul from sadness.

Seek the seed of life in the heart of the wind and the crest of the wave and ride, ride to inward perfection — the ancient pearl of life.

Message channeled on Iona
September 16, 2013
© Karen A. Shaffer 2013 (may be freely disseminated)
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Reflect on the Path
Reflect on the Path
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I am White Eagle.

The path you have chosen to take is not the same path that others may take.  Each one follows his own path.  It may be that it meanders.  It may be a straight path.  It may be curved with sharp turns at unexpected places.  At times it may just meander.  

Yet, surely, each path leads to the same end —

To the revelation of the power within each individual being.  To awaken to the necessity of feeding the flame that burns within.  To dwell wholly within the pleasures of that temple – that temple of wholeness and of holiness that gleams within the human heart.

You ask me, what shall I say to my people?  And I answer: Hope. Peace. Follow the Light Within. Peace rises with the new moon and shines with glory in its fullness — calming, gently healing, soothing the wounds within.  Sit by the light of the full moon and absorb its healing pleasures for it is soft and gentle and soothing in its touch of reflected light upon your face.  Understand, in this reflection, all is at peace and wholly healed within.

The reflection of your own face in the light of the moon foreshadows all that is to come.  For you are bound by the light of the moon to ever reflect the glory that is within you.

There is no passage beyond this point that is NOT healing.  Reflect on the path that you have taken and all that is yet to come and understand the nature of the being that you are.  Whatever path you are on —  it is the right one for YOU.  

Secure its meaning within your heart of hearts and know that the truth dwells within you.  Knock on the door that resonates with Truth and it will open to you a world beyond your imagining, yet clearly on the way of your path.  Sing lightly to yourself a new song — a song of revelation, a song of laughter, a song of joy — knowing that the truth lies deep within you and has always been so.

Ride the waves in the ocean of stillness for that great body of water upholds you yet.  Allow the waves of consciousness to stream through you and wade in the ocean of emptiness that absorbs all into the bosom of love – that great Cosmic Heart that beats with joy and ever-refreshing waves of laughter and kindness and compassion and peace.  

There might you reside forever in the cosmic dew of love and laughter, singing in your heart of hearts to the rhythm of the cosmic waves of eternal light and everlasting Being.  Join the chorus.  Sing your song.  For it is the song of the Cosmos, the song of love and laughter, the song of Eternal Light.  Let your whole being burst out with song and reflect who you are.

May peace and peace and peace be everywhere and always with you, my dear child.  You are deeply loved.

So be it.

Message channeled August 10, 2014
©Karen A.  Shaffer 2014 (may be freely disseminated)

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Memory is but a passing moment
Memory is but a passing moment

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I am White Eagle.

 The memory of that which was is now past.  There is no memory that lasts forever.  Though you think it is written in the Akashic record, it is not forever engraved upon your mind.  It is kept where all memories are stored in the greater consciousness of that which we know as God.  

But for you, that memory will not last forever.  It will fade as the blossoms fade from the dogwood trees or as the clouds that come and go upon ever-changing skies.  There is no wind that blows so fierce that does not blow these thoughts away.  

Memory seeks to keep you tethered in the past of who you were.  It does not serve to move you forward.  Think then, only of the present — of that which is, for that which is is that which endures.  For that which is, is perpetual because the moment is ever present and the ever-present moment is with you always.  

You cannot see how bound you are by memories of the past and yet if you could untangle your foot from being caught in that vine of remembrance, you would walk freely, more openly, more wisely in the present moment.  

Reach down and untangle yourself.  Free your feet from the web that would keep you prisoner.  Free yourself from the tangle of the past that would keep you enmeshed in memory forever.  

Memory is but a passing moment.  Let that moment go.  There is no real solace in memory, for memories are happy and sad and all mixed up with every emotion under the sun.  Memories will keep you in turmoil and make you ill with the sickness of remembrance.  

Move on.  There is more for you to know, more for you to experience that has nothing to do with that memory.  Let it pass.  

Cling only to the present moment and each present moment as it comes.  Let yourself see the Truth, let yourself be the Truth, let yourself know the Truth.  It is in the present moment only, not looking to the past or to the future, but only to that which lives within the eternal present moment.  

Seek within yourself the wisdom that lies within.  There you will find truth and beauty, harmony, peace – all that you seek.  Love will enfold you, wrapping its arms around you, protecting you, guiding you, keeping you safe from the web of memory, from the tangle of future worries.  

Live within the enfolding arms of Love Divine, keeping yourself centered always on the Light within you.  For there is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  There is the magic that you seek, the door to be opened.

There is the kindness, the love, the comfort that clouds over the past and makes the present moment a shining beacon for you to keep and nurture and follow until all Truth Divine burns within your heart, mind and soul.  

There is the kindness that you seek, the rapture of love and joy divine, the holiness of perfection, the keenness of the highly sentient being, the heart’s comfort, the peace divine, the wisdom and joy that you seek.  

Enter within these gates and know that God is Love and that Love is within you, deep inside.  Let it grow, let it sustain you, let it be.  For you are whole within yourself.  Rise up and meet the sun for the Light Everlasting is yours to enjoy.

Message channeled September 4, 2011
© Karen A. Shaffer 2011 (may be freely disseminated)

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Whatever trajectory there is to our lives...
Whatever trajectory there is to our lives . . .
I am White Eagle.

Whatever trajectory there is to our lives, it is in the beginning – obscure.  The trajectory it may follow – maybe like that of a star – it may rise to its given place only to fade, or be obscured by clouds, or it may fall from its height leaving a soon-dispersed trail of light.  But then, too, it may rise to a certain height and shine thenceforth forever lighting the heavens with its perpetual glow.  Whatever the trajectory a life may take, its course is self-evident only upon looking back over its course.  

Who could know what path it would take and what design might appear to have steered its course? A life well lived is
without sorrow, some may say, but the love of life does not rule out sadness in the end.  For in the end, we are all sad to leave that which we think made us – to escape the full consequences or impact of a life well lived.  

Who can know their own trajectory and stay the course to the very end?

Who can see the will that guides them?  Who can understand the process by which they live?  Are we not whole in and of ourselves?  And yet does mystery surround us?  What mystery surpasses that of a life well-lived? 

Who knows the path they tread – the way that they are on?  Who can foresee where it will lead or how far it will go?  Who can see so far down the lane, they know which turn to take?  How can they guess the land that opens before them?  

Walk awhile and see how carefully you are led and how gently you are guided to the place where you belong.  Remember who you are and the journey will bear fruit.  For the guide is within you that leads you to that distant shore far beyond the voyager’s first imaginings.  

Dip your oar in the ocean of life and it will move you where you know not.  Yet safe within the wave that moves you, you are free to create a life anew each time you set out to sail.  Wander o’er the heavens with the stars and watch the progress of the wave. It will refresh you anew with the mysterious love of life that keeps it all going.  

Believe, dear friend.  Set out anew.  Life has its surprises yet to unfold for you.  Tend the wave that bears you forth and lap in the ocean of mystery that enfolds you.

Be at peace.  For the sound of the waves will sing to your heart and soothe your soul.  Bear up and you will be borne aloft – buoyed on a wave of light to a new dawn, a new life, a new light.  The star of your life will shine – with infinite love – forever!

Message channeled February 27, 2014
© Karen A. Shaffer 2014 (may be freely disseminated)

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The beauty of the earth fixes my eye

The beauty of the earth fixes my eye in solitude

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The beauty of the earth fixes my eye in solitude.

I cannot see the darkness – only the light.  For here, under this tree, I find comfort in my solitude while inwardly I look and in my mind’s eye I see the Truth.  

I see another world – a world full of motion, playing in streams of light, dancing gaily with one another, intertwining, interweaving, bonding and blending with one another, only to change again into kaleidoscopic fragments of light only to make new patterns, new movements, new waves of light, always in motion, shining, waving, weaving their miracle of song within the vibrations of light.

No sadness exists within this Dance of Light.  Only Love dances in the stream of light.

So it is with you – moving in the loving dance that is the Light – playing with colors, with patterns, with rhythms, with JOY.  Offering wisdom and understanding with every LEAP of JOY.

For as Love enters in, we ALL DANCE!  

The Dance of the Light is ours forevermore, for you have seen the Light that I now behold in the cradle of this tree.  

Walk ever in the Dance of Light that seeks the eye of solitude and there, rest.  Be not afraid of all that is – it will be revealed to you.  Time is not what you think it is.  It follows you round the clock but in the eye of Nature, there is no clock.  Only the present remains.  

Nature’s beauty sings to your soul.  It calls you to see all that there is beyond your ken.  

Wake to the beauty within you, to the Light that dances with Joy, to the ever-present Love that moves you.  

Awaken in the Light and see all that is.  For in this one glimpse, we are all One.

Walk with me awhile.  I am here.

May peace and peace and peace be everywhere and always with you.

Bless you, my child.
I am White Eagle.
Bless you.
So be it.

Message channeled May 26, 2013
© Karen A. Shaffer 2013 (may be freely disseminated)
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Where there is peace . . .

Where there is peace . . .

I am White Eagle.

Where there is peace, there is also love and laughter.  For love and laughter spring forth from every new passion for life – for life to be lived in all its infinitude – life that masters all and of which we are all masters.  

For the life springs forth in rays, in bouquets of prismed light that illuminates all it touches.  Consider the beauty of the prism – how it splits the light into various wavelengths of color.  You see them as bright and brilliant colors, all in a row, subtly blending into one another until ultimately the whole is seen in the Great White Light that illuminates all things.

Laughter brings sparks of love and love laps into Light.  All is enfolded in the Light.  The Light enfolds us all.  Whatever stripe you think your color may be, yet it is ALL frequencies when fully attuned to the Light.

Let there be no disruption of color that shines within you.  Allow it to play in the dancing light – the beams of light that dance between you and enable you to see one another clearly in the light.

Where is your beam of light?  Where does it shine?  How does it shine?  From whence comes its light?  

From whence comes its glow?  “The glow from that fire can truly light the world” – and so it is.  The Light within you beams forth in all its magnificent colors, waving to one another, signaling the life force to dance, to live, to love, to laugh within the beam of Light that shines through all and animates our every thought, our every breath, our every life.

No rapture can behold this.  No womb can control this.  No cloud can dismay this.  Only laughter and love can make you whole – can fuel that beam of Light that you are, can spark the intelligence within, can heal the body and wave the Light in the Wholeness of Being, complete.  Let the majesty of the Light and all its many lengths fuel your belly with FIRE!  

And send a signal to all the world that this is the Truth we behold and nothing surpasses it for the Truth is within us – within the Light we bear, within the Light to which we give birth, within the Light of the Womb that bears us all.  We are the Bearers of the Light and this Light must grow for all the world to see and know.

Magnificent Light, you are my child.  Speak now.  My peace is upon you.  You shall live forever in the Heart of All.

May peace and peace and peace be with you.
So be it.

Message channeled February 18, 2013.
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013.  May be freely disseminated.
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To those who love peace

To those who love peace -- 

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I am White Eagle. 

Say this to those who love peace --  

Peace comes when all are quiet and engaged.  The Truth is only evident in the silence that enters the heart when all around you is quiet and all within yearns for the expression of peace.  
There are no hidden motives that will not be outed by those who truly love peace for within is the true compass that points the way to eternal peace. 

No one knows how easy it is to reside in the house of peace until they have latched onto the door and held the key in their hearts.  

The key is love.  Love within and love without.  Love that manifests in all circumstances.  

There is no seed that can be planted and grow without water and earth around it.  Nestled in its cocoon of earth and water, that seed can grow and so it is with those that plant the seed of love within their hearts.  There it will be nurtured and grow and manifest in the full flowering of universal love and peace.  

There is no greater gift than to plant the seed of love deep within the heart of those you meet, of those you know, of all who come before you.  

But first nurture the seed within yourself.  Tend it as you would a fresh seed that you have planted in the earth. Nurture it with water, with attention, with care, with loving intuition. Let the light shine upon it.  Let the sun’s grace flow into that seed that it may be nurtured and grow strong, faithful and fulfilled in all the ways of love and on the path of peace.  

Let there be no hindrance to the light for the light shines to strengthen all humanity in their quest for peace.  Light shines through the love that is planted within.  And the love grows in grace as the Light itself pours out Itself to light the way for you to grow in peace and goodwill and ever stronger in love.  

That is the only path to peace.  Let peace and peace and peace be everywhere.  Embraced by love, nurtured by love, emboldened by love, enlightened by love.  

There is the illumination on the path to peace.  

Restrain not your heart.  Let it expand with the flower of love until its light is seen everywhere, felt by everyone within the wholeness of your presence.  Let love and rapture be yours, now and forever, on the road to peace.  

Bless you.  So be it.

Message channeled November 14, 2009

©Karen A. Shaffer 2013.  May be freely disseminated.
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I have come that you may have peace

I have come that you may have peace -

I am White Eagle.

I have come that you may have peace.  Deep within your heart, in your very heart of hearts, there is a deep well of love that rises up within you, that speaks to you, that carries you forward, that comforts you, and bears you along on your way – the way of each and every one – for it is the same.  For each must find their way home to the core of their being that they may know the truth of who they are and where they come from.

The depth of this knowledge is unfathomable and yet it is within you – the treasure store is there to be tapped if only persistently you will mine it – mind it!  It responds to your consciousness.  The more you can train your consciousness upon it – upon the depths of your being – the more likely you are to find that treasure within that knows no bounds, that has no limitations, that refuses to confine you to the human body.

The riches within you are incredible to the human mind and yet you must apply your mind and your full consciousness to awareness of who you are deep, deep within.  There it is!  Like the pea under the mattresses piled up for the princess to discover, you can feel it too.  Train your awareness upon that pea, that seed of love and light within you and it will well up like a fountain within you and bring you enlightenment – illumination and peace of heart that you so dearly long for.  

Recognize within you this effervescent source of power, of love, of esteem, of life everlasting that rises within you perpetually if only you can be aware of it, if only you will be aware of it.

Consciousness – trained on your inmost being is the road to serenity, is the way of life.  Eternity is within you.  Eternity is all around you.  You are eternity!  There is that in you which cannot be destroyed – that unites you with all there is in the universe, in all creation.  There is nothing that cannot be done, nothing that cannot be seen or known – nothing you cannot be!  

Salute the Being with you, that moves all things – there is the force of all life – the sense of all well-being – the rapture of love, the heart of song, the life everlasting.  It dwells within you.  Seek and you will find the joy within that wells up from the very heart of your being.  

You are so beloved, so very deeply loved.  The angels and archangels surround you, the ascended masters are assembled here.

Message channeled December 12, 2011
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013.  May be freely disseminated.
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