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Follow the Rainbow Path
                                             Follow the Rainbow Path

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I am White Eagle.

Where is your Understanding?  Where do you find it?  Is it within your reach?  UNDERSTANDING!  What does that mean?  How can I achieve it? 

How do I even know what Understanding is?  Is it all a paradox?  Is there no true answer to all that you behold?  What is it you wish to behold?  What is there for you to understand?

“Knowing” might be a better word.  But knowing what? 

Deep within you, you know what is true.  You know what is right for you.  You know when you are in the stream of things.  You know when you are following the right way. 

There is no right way, except the path that is your own. 

That path is God-given — given to you to follow, given to you to make the most of it.  The path that you follow is of your choice and yet it is laid out before you in effervescent color, streaming from the Sun.  The Rainbow of Life is the Rainbow of Light.

The Rainbow of Color becomes YOU.  Do you not see?  Do you not understand?  Do you not know this Truth? 

How far you have traveled!  How much you have learned!  How deeply you have known to follow the path before you!  How deeply you see into that path and know it is yours to follow.

Follow the Rainbow Path and you shall understand and know how surely you are guided and how deeply you are loved.  Follow that path that is before you.  Do not be afraid.  Wander no more in darkness but in the Light that precedes you.  Follow! 

There is Rapture at the end of the Rainbow Path.  There is Joy and Delight and Happiness beyond your ken.  Go forth!  Follow that path that is set before you!  Be not afraid!  Step into the Love that surrounds you.  Skip along in the Light that guides you.  Dance!  Dance in the Light, for the Light is yours.  It belongs to you.  For we are All One in the Light. 

The Light is ours to enjoy.  The Light precedes you.  The Love surrounds you.  The Gift is JOY! 

Wander away no more.  But see the Light ahead.  The beam that you follow is your own.  Make it what you will.  Broaden its Light!  Scatter it among all – one and all!  For no thing can put out that Light that is yours. 

The Light is Wisdom and Understanding.  It is fully knowing who you are.  Follow the Light!  Know that it is you.  You are the Light!  Dance on!  Sing with Joy!  And be lifted up with Rapture!  For we are ALL ONE and in that Oneness, there is Beauty and Joy forever!  Listen!  Hear my words!  Know – they are True. 

May peace and peace and peace be with you.
So be it.
I am White Eagle.
Amen.  Aum.
Bless you, my child, bless you.

Message channeled April 17, 2020
© Karen A. Shaffer 2020 (may be freely disseminated)

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Ride on the Wave of Being

                                                       Ride on the Wave of Being
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I am White Eagle.

You see Waves of Being and Waves of Light.  Ride on the Wave of Being, the Wave of Light.

For Being Is the Light—the Light that you are and always have been.  Ride on the Wave of Light, the Wave of Being Who You Are.

Drama can come and go but Being is never still.  Being regards the Wave of Light as its own—  riding on the tip of the wave, balancing, frolicking, knowing all is well beneath it—for you are the Wave and the Wave in you will always Be.

Can you not see how lightly you are bounced on the Wave of Light that penetrates your entire being?  Can you not see who you truly are?  A rainbow of Light beneath the wave overcomes the stillness within and dances in the Light!  Precarious, it is not, though you may think so.
The Light beams in its own way and balances in its own joy of Being. 

Take heart in this lesson of love and de-light.  For I make all things new.  And you are now forever out of the shadows and into the Light — the Light that animates all things, that is the gift of Life, that is Life itself. 

Ride on the Wave, dear one. 

The Wave of Light encompasses you, encircles you in leaves of dancing, molecules of light.  Speak of this Light and only this Light for the Light is the coming of the New Dawn that breaks before you. 

Listen well.  Speak well.  Honor your Life and your Light.  It cannot dim.  It can only shine brighter, to enlighten all the world, to bring it to Peace, to the Rapture you so deeply seek, to the penetration for Light that guides us all. 

Sing to your heart’s content, for the Wave of Light carries you onward into the Stream of Life, and behold, all things are made new.  All life is restored, all Light is upon you.  It is upon us all. 

Now and forever, You are the Light—the Light of this world, the Light of Eternity.
Thou art whole.  Now is the time.

Bless you, my child, bless you.
So be it.

Message channeled July 4, 2017
© Karen A. Shaffer 2017 (may be freely disseminated)

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The Breath of Light

The Breath of Light

I am White Eagle.

The human body is but a flash of lightning.  It is but a Flash of Light that wings its way through space like the fireflies whose breath is a beam of light.  

Light comes from the Breath – the First Breath that brought all into creation.  So that Light – each Breath of Light – is a symbol of Life, the Life which sustains the human body until once again it diminishes into that breathless night that brings it once again into the Light.  

For the Light is everlasting and though you see it flashing in the firefly, it is but a reminder of the Breath of Life.  How transient it is, yet how simple and light, dancing in space, moving with the breeze, lifted by the air from which it gains its sustenance.  The Breath of Life beams Light to every corner.  

Remember this:  The Light is the Breath of Life on which all else proceeds.

Dance.  Dance in the wind.  Listen to the breath within you.  Feel it rise and fall.  Feel its Light within you that you may know that Light is Life.  And on that Beam of Light, you shall ride into Eternity unafraid of what is to come, wholly at peace with the Light and Life within you, the Light and Life that sustains you, the Breath of Life that moves you.  It is forever golden, uplifting, buoying you ever higher to remembering who you are and where you belong.

No one can force you to see the Light, yet those who are aware can see the Light and they will know the path within that leads to more and ever-increasing Light so that every breath you take becomes a Beam of Light, lighting the way for others to follow, lighting and guiding the Way Within.

Take deep breaths and own the Light.  Know that the Light is yours.  You are the Light of the World and with each breath remember your sacred calling to Be the Light.

Light the Light Within with the Breath of Life – and Life Everlasting is yours.  You are home free when all the Light surrounds you within and without.  And you know in your heart of hearts – You Are the Light – dancing in a world of Light that makes no pretense to be anything other than the Light.  The Light within you is pure.  Believe in the Light.  Make it your own and send forth Light forever from your heart of hearts.

Sing of the Light 
Speak of the Light
Know the Light
Be the Light for the Light is yours. 
You are the Light.

We are all One – in the Light.

Message channeled June 20, 2011
© 2013 Karen A. Shaffer.  May be freely disseminated.

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There is a River of Life

There is a River of Life ~

I am White Eagle.

There is a River of Life that flows through you and that River of Life is also a River of Light that glistens with love for all humanity.  The River of Life and Light within you flows in an ever-increasing stream of golden light haloed from within your own being.  

The manifestation of this light reflects who you are in your very essence.  It reflects the beam of light upon which you ride in this lifetime.  

No one can know the true depth of that light that streams forth so abundantly through your being for its origin is in the Divine One who is the father and mother of us all.  Such power is beyond imagining and yet it is manifest in you as it is in all of us, each one, each and every one.  

You must remember who you are and where you came from and in this remembrance you shall know the Truth that you so have longed to know.  There is the manifestation of the Truth Divine and so you must find it within yourself for it streams forth from your very being, manifesting the light for all to see so that all may know the Truth that will indeed set them free.  

Upon my honor, I will state unequivocally the river of light is the beam to follow. You will learn to direct its flow and though it pours out to all people, yet it has within it an energy that is like the Nectar Divine and in that Nectar, one may drink in the Holy, Healing Light – the Life-giving Light that runs through every cell, that obliterates every form of illness and wrong-doing, that opens our hearts to the One Truth, manifesting always the Light and the Love that is the Light and the Power that resides in the Light.  

Follow the stream of life, the sparkling waters of light and life.  Thereby heal yourself and walk confidently into your soul (sole?) purpose for being.  

Manifest the golden light that streams through your every word, your every thought, your every deed.  Make manifest the Light.  

Send forth a bouquet of color, a rainbow of perfect light that admits no shadows but brings Light unto Light, Heart unto Heart, Mind unto Soul, and Soul returns to the Light.  Manifest the Light!  Let it stream forth as a river of consciousness that awakens the Christ within.  Stay within this space.  

Message channeled 1 January 2011
©Karen A. Shaffer 2011.  May be freely disseminated.

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