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The Shadow is NOTHING in the LIGHT!
The Shadow is NOTHING in the LIGHT!

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I am White Eagle.

Cradle your emotions in the depths of your heart.  But do not weep for me.  Weeping is for those who care about the Earth and all who stand with her.  Come now and look directly in my eyes and there you shall see pools of light garnered from the Breath of Life that instills in us the sensibility to weep.   

How very strange this all is.

How can we cope, you ask?  What is the next step?  What are we to be about doing?  What prayers shall we say?  What blessing shall we give to the Earth herself?  And how shall we begin to repair all that we have done?  Which shadow do we shine the light upon first?  And how shall we cope?  How shall we make ready for all that we have sown in the depths of the sea?

How many words have we lost?  What bearings do we have left?  How can we see the stars and where is there hope?  One can only assume there is an Intelligence guiding us away from the error of our ways into the compassion of the moment, into broad-scale compassion for all we meet.

Into the fullness of our hearts, into the radiance of this blessing, we must march!  There is no other path to follow.  Compassion follows the heart.  Compassion stimulates the mind and moves us then to action.  Seek the compassion in your hearts.  Seek the urgency of your souls.

Mind the mindfulness that is required.  Stare into the depths of human woe and find the way out beyond the pale of human destruction into the light of human compassion.  Nod to the Spirits that guide you.  Follow their lead.  Let them bless each and every one.

Sing and dance into the holiness of this hour, this great hour of change, this great hour of transformation for you and all the world.  Do not dodge the insight we leave upon you. 

Summon the courage to move forward.  Summon the courage to see the Light for the Light is All and the Shadow is NOTHING – it is NOTHING in the LIGHT and therefore the LIGHT YOU SHALL BE!  The LIGHT YOU MUST Be!  Hold your lamp aloft.  Brighten all the world.  Illuminate the hearts of all people and raise up the Universe with all your hearts.

Sing to the Almighty Creator, the Creation that is so broadly beyond your understanding.  Be wise and accept the blessing you do not understand.  The Earth will bless you and all of heaven will rejoice with you for Victory is in sight – way beyond the well of despair. 

The Light is upon you.  The Light surrounds you.  You are the Light.  Stay in the Light.  Be the Light!  Salvage the Light among you and raise high the banner of pure Light that makes all things new.  Then shall the children follow you and the Earth be made whole. 

Begin again on a whole new level.  A whole new plane of existence.  A whole new dimension of Being.  There shall you rest and perform miracles you never thought you could. 

Walk onto the bridge.  Feel its subtle rays.  Abide in the Light that surrounds you.  And you will leap with Joy – past all terror, past all despair, even beyond hope.  Dance into the Light.  Soar with the angels.  Be Light-footed and walk into the New World that is ever more than your heart could ever hope.  Speak softly the truth of this New Generation. 

All is well and all is well and all manner of things shall be well.
May peace be upon you.
Bless you, dear child.  Bless you.
So be it.

Message channeled September 29, 2019
© Karen A. Shaffer, 2019

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Choose Light! Be Love!

Choose Light!  Be Love!

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I am White Eagle.

The calendar of days does not begin to signify the time that is passing.  A new era has begun as I have told you.  And while it begins with violence stoked with burning hatred and uncompromising fear, yet the time has come for a new era to begin.

And here you are – in the middle of it! – precisely where you need to be!  You are here to turn the corner, to get past this phase of unseemly behavior of total fear. 

Now the darkness descends yet the Light shines above it.  It is always there, unlike the shadow that passes before you.  The Light will never fail you.  It is forever within your reach. 

So reach up!  And grasp the Light – the Light that shines upon you perpetually.  And you will know that the Light resides within you, where there is no darkness, but only Light. 

Let that Light penetrate the shadows before you and they too will dissipate, but only if you hold your Light aloft for others yet to see that there is Hope, that there is a reality behind the shadow of doubt, the pain of fear, the cruelty of disbelief. 

Wander throughout the world as you will, yet you will come across the same truth – the same Light resides in every one no matter the color of their skin or the country in which they live.  And if everyone lets their Light shine forth, they will beam out the shadows that haunt you.  The world will evolve into the Light for which you have always hoped.

Hold steady in your faith in the Light.  Hold steady in your love for the Light.  Let that Love shine forth within you.  Others will hold onto it and be saved from the rocky storm that seeks to destroy all before it. 

Awaken to the Light!  And to the Love within you that sparks the Light!  Know that you are whole, that you are free – free to choose the Light above all things, free to make peace, free to bring peace and prosperity to one and all  – in the Light that shines before you, ever urging you on, stretching your reach beyond what you think you can do – and yet – there you are, amidst the battle for the Light. 

Therefore, choose Light.  Be Love.  And your Light will shine and change all before you.  Your Light will change the world.  Hold steady in the Light.  Do not fear for the Light is with you always and the Love that sparks the Light is deep within you. 

Let your Light SHINE!  Let your Heart be filled with Grace and Love and Light!  Remember who you are.  Though the conflict be bloody, though people be mistaken, their lives seem short, – yet –  it is Eternal in the Light. 

And you are in the Light and All are in the Light and the Light shall shine and be your protector, your lamp and your sword.  For all goes on into the night and a new day will dawn holding that lamp aloft, embracing one another, loving one another, sparking Love and Light everywhere you go.

Now is the time to be brave.  Now is the time to speak up.  Now is the time to let your Light shine. 
So it is.

Bless you, my child.  Bless you.
Amen.  Aum.

Message channeled August 4, 2019
©Karen A. Shaffer 2019 (may be freely disseminated)

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Let Love Be Your Guide

Let Love Be Your Guide

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I am White Eagle.

For all the bitterness and broken-heartedness we have seen, there will come a New Day.

You are witnessing the healing of the Earth and all sentient Beings upon it. 

For you, it is painful.  For the Earth herself, it is painful, and yet, it is necessary. 

All that it has given has given out to the point where it needs renewal.  And the turbulence of that renewal reflects the depth of the angst within her own bowels.

The turmoil at the center of the Earth reflects the turmoil of humanity and all of Nature.  How many times has she cried out for Reparation, for wholesome Respect, for Tender,...Loving,...Care — and yet so ignored, so underappreciated for all her gifts for all of humanity.

At last humanity feels her pain.  The wrenching within each one’s heart is a reflection of the wrenching within the bowels of the Earth.

Why do you not know the Earth is a sentient Being – Just As You Are?

When we say Love your Neighbor as Yourself, Is not the Earth your Neighbor?

Why then do you Hate Yourself? 
If that is why you cannot treat the Earth with the tenderness she deserves.

Heal yourselves first!  In service to the Earth, acknowledge all that it is, all that it ever has been.  Nurture this awareness.  Seek the softness of your own heart.  And melt the angst within you.  And so it will be with the Earth.

You cannot Discover how deeply you are wounded until you are in sympathy with the Earth and move to heal its open wounds.  Reflect on its greatness with gratitude for its Being, with awareness of its glory, of its mystical Nature.

Walk in this awareness with tenderness beneath your feet and you, too, will find that tenderness within you.  The wound that runs so deeply strains all of humanity.  For where one heart is broken, all are broken.  For We Are All One.  You cannot heal one without healing the other.

Where one is wounded, so is another, and another, and another... and so it goes....  It is a chain around the Earth squeezing it ever tighter.  It is unendurable for one and all. 

So therefore, mount higher.  Come from a larger perspective—the higher worlds within you—the Great Spirit that beats within every heart. 
Return to that – to that which you know is true.  Release the chains!  Burst out with Joy and surround the Earth with garlands of Love and Beauty!  No more torn fragments of human despair.

Let all pause and remember the Truth that is within each and every Heart.  For we are ALL ONE!!!  The Spirit within YOU is the Spirit within ALL of us.

And that Spirit heals.  When it heals one, it heals all.  And the Earth will rejoice with you in the healing of One and All. 

Do not take this bitterness with sorrow that runs so deep.  There is a well within you — a well of Divine Love, of unscarred tissue, of internal radiance – that wells up within you.  Throw aside all the sorrow and sadness and bitterness.  Let it dissolve in the well of good Being.  Let it dissolve in the well of Truth.  The truth that we are all One and in that Oneness, we are whole and in that Wholeness, there is Joy, and we are healed.

Represent the goodness within you and reflect it to all humanity.  And let humanity rejoice in remembering the Truth that is within us all — the Truth of Grace, of Beauty, of Love, of Joy, of Life Eternal. 

Let us all remember who we are.  Let us ascend to the higher places and to the dimensions that are our common right, our common Being and to the welfare that is there for one and all.  Only open to it.  See the beauty that is before you.  Open to the wind and the rain and all of Nature.  Embrace it with all your heart.  And understand, it is YOU.  YOU are the Earth.  YOU are All of Humanity.  YOU are a child of Nature.  YOU are One with the All and the All is One with YOU.

It is our time of At-one-ment.  Time for all of us to ascend to our rightful and true Being – the Spirit within knows not sadness but only Joy and Love – for One and All.

Keep the Faith.  Remember this.  Hold onto your Higher Being.  Reach for the stars.  Reach for your higher self within you, within this fragile body, and know the truth within you — that you are Spirit, we are All Spirit, we are All One —  and that is the Rule of Nature — and you shall know Joy and you shall remember who you are and the glory of One and All. 

Let Rapture precede you.  Let Joy well up from within you.  Let Love be your Guide. 
All is well, all is well, and all is well within you.

Be Well, Dear Ones.  Be well!

So be it.

Message channeled October 7, 2018
© Karen A. Shaffer  2018   (may be freely disseminated)

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A Bridge Too Far?
A Bridge Too Far?
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I am Metatron.

Dear Ones,

You have heard of a bridge too far.  Well, I tell you the bridge is right before you.  All you need is the courage to cross over.  It is a bridge to higher realms.  Realms you have not dreamed of before.

Consider the satisfaction you have in making it to the bridge at all.  And in reality, you are halfway across already because that 5th dimension that you think is so far out of reach is in fact within your touch. 

Do not fear to reach out, to move that one step closer, to dream and to hope that in this new dimension all things are possible.  A new world awaits you, a dawn you have never seen before. 

Humanity is on the bridge.  You are crossing over into a higher manifestation of the world that you know into a world that you do not yet know.  And yet you shall.  It is there before you.  It is there within reach.  It is already within you. 

The longing that you have felt for so very long is coming to fruition.  That yearning for peace, for new possibilities, for higher sensibilities, for clearer consciousness – all that is before you.  It is hidden deep within you and you must work to bring it out.  You must search for it and find it and let it out.  It is there, I assure you.  You are on the bridge.  You have already almost crossed over it.  You can touch it, you can feel it, you can see it.  It is happening all around you.  No need for remorse.

The New Age is indeed upon you.  You are stepping into it this very moment.  Release all that is past and look forward to a new day, a new way of Being, a new way of seeing, feeling and knowing.  All these are here.  They are now before you.  They are in you.  They are coming out. 

Deep within you are reserves that are welling up, reactivating your long-dormant chakras –   speeding you to a higher consciousness, to a deeper sense of knowing, to a finer sense of touch, to a feeling of freedom – freedom from the chains that have bound you in the past.  See yourself breaking through, releasing all that holds you back. 

Now is the time to move forward, bravely, courageously, faithfully, surely.  All of it is before you – riches beyond your imagining.  Step into the Light.  The Light is before you, the Light is in you, the Light is YOU.  All you need to do is realize – YOU ARE THE LIGHT!

Enter into a new state of Being.  See yourself as fully renewed and refreshed in a totally new state of Being.  Walk among the angels that are always within you and with you and before you.  Acknowledge who you are – in Truth.  Shed the cloak that has hidden you before this time.  For now you are free – now you are YOU, wholly you, the real you, the YOU you were always from the beginning. 

Embrace the transformation.  It is before you.  It is within you.  Cross the Bridge, knowing full well that All is Well before you and you may safely tread across the bridge into the next dimension.

Do not fear, for we are with you – always, now and forever.  Walk bravely forward and meet the real YOU – the whole Being that is inside you and who you truly are.  Mastery is before you.

Walk on.  Walk on.  Walk....on!
You will soon be free.

Bless you, dear ones.  Keep the faith and know who you truly are -- blessed among angels.  You are loved forever.  May peace be upon you.

Bless you, Dear Ones, bless you.
So be it.

Message channeled February 8, 2018
©Karen A. Shaffer 2018 (may be freely disseminated)

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Compassion Seeks Your Heart
                                               Compassion Seeks Your Heart

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I am White Eagle.

Dear Ones, the pain you are feeling is not so much physical but emotional, seeping down into the very depths of your heart.  You ask “Why? – why all this pain?”  Compassion seeks your heart. 

Healing can only happen when your heart and compassion meet.  The outflowing of love and care begin the healing process, transcendent in its glory.

How do you expect this transformation to take place?  Do you expect just some miracle from without?  Is it not the miracle within that you must seek?

Where does it start?  Where does it end?  You do not know and yet deep within you is the answer to all your queries, to all your doubts, to all your thoughts, to all your weariness, your anguish, your fears.  It is in the compassionate heart – the heart that leaps out to others that connects with the broad band of humanity and wraps a Ribbon of Love about the girth of the Earth.

How are you to know what one strand of your compassionate heart contributes to this band of humanity? 

One strand joins to another strand – heart to heart, compassionate thought to compassionate thought – until the Earth swells with gratitude and love for all humanity. 

Do you think you are healing only yourself?  The Earth relies upon this band of human compassion.  And so it leaps out to the Solar System and beyond – in universal compassion.  Love around the Globe!  Single-minded caring for yourself and for all within your reach. 

You do not know how powerful you are!  How extremely effective compassionate thought can be!  How fully geared to perfection, how truthfully whole in expression, how profoundly moving in all directions.  Heed the sound of the voice within you.  Recognize its origin.  Seek to maintain that connection.

Orient yourself to the compassion within you.  Recognize its transformational qualities.  Speak, and let it out!  Act upon this sensibility and question no more – but seek always to be in harmony with this Gesture of Love.  Seek always to be in-sync with All that Is and ever shall be.

Calm the atoms within you.  Tame them to your taste of love and compassion.  Move them along the trail of everlasting peace and contentment.  Seek to understand that which passes for perfection can only be seen from within.  Go deep.  Go deep within.  Touch that heart of yours until it rings with the sound of truth, with the joy of compassion, with the phenomenon of Love and circle the Globe with this compassion.  Make it sing out with Joy in recognition that we are All One! 

Never stray from that thought.  Keep forever in your heart that band of humanity, the understanding that all is well deep within you.  Onward into the depths of your Being.  Onward into the Depths of Humanity.  Onward into the depths of the Earth for there you shall find solace for your pain.  Heal the pain within you and you will heal all the world. 

Speak softly.  Carry this in your heart of hearts.  Speak rapture – to every One – for we are All One!

The universe is your globe – Speak to it.  Offer it peace.  And let wisdom and understanding circulate in every vein, in every heart, in every mind.  Let Wisdom take control and nurture the Love within you – that is within all souls – that speaks for all souls – that relates to every one, no matter who or where they are.

Speak solitude and wisdom.  Speak well-being and peace.  And above all, Compassion and Love.
These are your world – the true world in which you dwell.

Fasten your hopes on the compassion within you – and let it out!  And ring forth to all the world now and forever.  Here is my heart!  It is deep within you.  Bless it and bring forth Love and Joy –  for we are All One and in that Oneness we shall always remain.

Speak well of this!  Let it out then!  Be Free of Pain!

Bless you, dear one, bless you, bless you.

Message channeled January 6, 2018
© Karen A. Shaffer 2018 (may be freely disseminated)
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I am White Eagle.

Listen!  Listen to me!  And do not be afraid.  For I am here with you.  And I will keep you in my arms.

Listen.  Do not be afraid.  Do not let fear rule your heart.  For your heart of hearts is kindness itself, wrapped in a tunnel of Love, consumed in a column of air that rises to the place within.

All hearts move together, all hearts sing together, all hearts bring Love to the offering — the offering of humanity to their higher selves, to the place within that they truly dwell. 

You cannot understand the conundrum before you.  You must see past it.  Look more deeply into the realm of Being.  Listen more clearly to the hearts that beat within. 

What notion do you think you have about the possibilities of human life?  Think again.  Listen again, more deeply, more subtly, more wholly with your heart of hearts until you see into the depths of all that you are and ever have been.

You sing a new song—but so quietly within you.  Let it out!  Let it out.  The time is now! 

Listen!  All humanity is singing the same song. 

Listen—deeply, intently, wisely.  What do you hear?  The still, small voice of humanity rising in chorus, but a whisper now, awakening the drumbeat within that solid base from which all things are created and evolve. 

Now is the time!  Let it come out!  Listen!  Hear your own voice and let it speak for all the world to hear and you will be joined in chorus by the humanity that is before you.  And all will sing a song of Love in perfect harmony. 

Note this!  Listen!  And I tell you again—Listen!  All is before you.  Rise up to meet the Sun!

Rise up!  And Listen!

So be it.  Amen
Bless you, my child, bless you.

Message channeled November 20, 2017
© Karen A. Shaffer, 2017 (may be freely disseminated)

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What Hope for the World?
What Hope for the World?

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I am Metatron.

You ask what hope there is for the world?  And we tell you: There is great hope.

Why, you wonder, does all this turmoil exist?  All this suffering, pain?  The Earth herself is suffering and we along with it.

Love the Earth with all your heart.  Help it to tame its growing pains for it reflects the consciousness of humanity as it merges into the 5th dimension.  So, yes, turmoil, shock — these things are reflected in the Earth that you love.       

Your own shock mounts high as one trauma after another appears on your screens.  You do not know how to respond — what to say, what to do, how to feel — you do not know. 

And yet there is a quietness within.  It sits next to the disquiet that you feel and that quietness within you is what will turn the corner for all humanity.  For there rests the seed of perfection, the seed of knowledge, of understanding, the seed of wisdom.  There within you is the kernel of the truth, of the overarching seed of consciousness that makes us what we are. 

Take that seed and plant it deep within you and nurture it.  Let it rise like the new wave that is upon you, ever ascending, ever wafting its way to the highest state of Being.

You say you do not know the way but the way is within you.  Seek the quiet that I bring you and dwell within that sense of well-being.

And there you can be forever free, forever whole.  Rising, rising, rising.  Higher and higher into the atmosphere of Love that pervades all things, that is all things, that makes all things.  See the design before you—the powers within.

So be it.  Amen.

Message channeled November 25, 2017
© Karen A. Shaffer, 2017 (may be freely disseminated)

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The Widening of the Way
The Widening of the Way

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I am White Eagle.

All the chaos you see before you is a widening of the Way—the Way to the Ultimate Truth. 

You cannot understand why all this is happening.  There are sounds that you have not heard before—sounds of wailing of all of humanity, not just a few. 

When will it come to an end?  When all is settled and the Way is fully open and all humanity steps into the next dimension.  That’s when it will end.  Until then, the turmoil continues, for it is a wrestling with your own consciousness to let it arise without holding it back, without hanging on to the old dimensions.  Letting go so you can sail freely like the kite into the next world.  The freedom of humanity rests upon this.

You say there is no peace.  There is no love; there is no laughter!  Lift yourself up—above the fray of human weakness and seize the branch that is before you that will fling you up to a higher space, to the land of pure consciousness, to the heart of compassion, to the root of all truth and well-being.  Let go!

Step into all that is before you!  For it is pure and holy and good.  There shall be no wars.  The bestiality of man shall be shed, transformed into the new You.  All the possibilities are there, all are before you.  You need only STEP into the next dimension.  Leave your preconceptions behind and see the world for once as it truly is.  The beauty of it all.  The sympathy of all mankind.  The huge bowl of love that encompasses the world. 

Speak highly of this.  Speak well of this.  Go forward with faith in the possibilities of humanity and the hugeness of your heart of hearts and the circumference of all your love, the fullness of your capacity to grow and learn and BE all that you were meant to be.  You were born into this world to follow a certain path—the path you have indeed followed with all your heart.

Now Sing for all the Joy of it, for all the Wonder that lies before you, for all the Laughter and Joy that Lights your world.

Sing unto the Earth a new song and it will sing back to you.  Embrace the world and it will embrace you.  For all is risen in the love of the human heart and as that heart expands, so does the Way open into the world beyond the world, dimension beyond dimensions, beauty untold.  Love that dazzles the world.  Joy that brings all together.  For we are All One and in that Oneness we will rise together into new layers of existence, new dimensions of possibility, new fields—golden fields of Love and Rapture and Joy! 

See the path open before you.  Dare to step in.  Dare to move forward.  Dare to be all that you are and all that you ever have been.  Now is the time!  Dare to BE!  Dare to be Free!

We are ALL One. 

Open to the world before you.  You know the path to follow.  Seek it and it is yours forever.

Bless you, my child, bless you.

Message channeled October 11, 2017
©Karen A. Shaffer 2017 (may be freely disseminated)
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Rise Up!

Rise up!

Rise up!  All healing begins now!

You think it is a time for warfare, for aggressive resistance, for subterfuge and cunning.  These times are leaving you confused and uncertain about what to do, which way to go, how to cope.

Yet in the ultimate scheme of things, this, too, will fade.  Squandering this time will do you no good.  Time remains of the essence.  It is time to retreat inward, to know your inner being, the real YOU that lies beneath your physical body.  The physical embodiment is nothing compared to who you really are, to the spirit that dwells within you, to the hope that springs eternal in your heart of hearts.

There is Eternity within you.  Deepen your practice and connect with it and then you will see and know truly who you are.

Nothing can withstand your power—the power within you!  The power to make all things new, to see aright, to tell the truth, to know the Ultimate Being.  

There is Rapture within you — a Rapture that will not die.  It is your Hope.  It is your Dream.  It is a part of YOU.  That Rapture is what you need to follow.  All else pales in comparison with the Rapture within you.  

Go for the Rapture!  There is your healing—the healing force of all nature, the healing force within you, the healing power, the throne upon which you sit!

You cannot say “we are all one” without acknowledging the Rapture within you.  It is the same Rapture that fills the hearts of all.  It may manifest in different ways but the Source of all Rapture remains the One and the All.

Seek to know the Rapture within you and there you shall find healing and live with hope through all the confusion of these days.  For the Rapture is your true calling—the true piece of Who You Are in this manifestation, the role you are to play, the piece you have brought from Home.  

What splendor is this?  It is the splendor of your own Being, the splendor of Who You Are.  Your Light shines abroad in the most beautiful way.  Light a candle, each to each, and let your Lights shine for all the world to see, sparked by the Rapture of your own Being, the Healing Word within you, the Calling that sets you Free!

Rise up!  Speak only of this rapture.  Let it burn within your heart and know that it is real—that that within you is real and true and Truly You.  There shall you find peace.  There shall you know what to do, who you are, how to Be.  There you shall know all things, for the Light is within you and you are the Light.  

Within the Light, all is clear.  Nothing shall shake you.  All is clear.  Rise up!  Acknowledge your own Being, the Truth of your capacity to Live and Love and Rejoice forever in Eternal Bliss.  So Rise Up!  Smile!  Sing!  Believe!  Hope!  

All is well within you.  All is pure and holy within you.  You are Divine, though you do not know it.  Rise up!  Claim your Divinity, for you are One with God, One with the All, and the All is One.

Bless you, my child, bless you.  The Truth is within you.  Bless you.

I am Michael.  So be it.  Amen.  Aum.

Message channeled January 13, 2017
©Karen A. Shaffer 2017 (may be freely disseminated)


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                              YOU ARE THE LIGHT!

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Dear Ones,

Nature plants many seeds without human intervention.  And those seeds will be nurtured by the earth and grow to bless the Earth in numerous ways.  

You seem shaken by what you have done—what you have created, that has yet to unfold.  Fear is gripping every heart as we awaken to the new year.

What lies ahead, you must not fear, for there are many ways to nurture a seed that is planted.  You may help it grow in ways it did not think it possible.  You can shape its stature by the love you give it, by the light that shines upon it, by the waters with which you nurture it.  

Many seeds surround each seed that is planted and all influence each other.  They can make it rain, they can bid the sun to shine, they can crowd each other out, they can wilt in too much light.  They can be sustained in the dark only when they are planted, but when they begin to grow, they need the Light.

The Light makes all things new.  Shine your Light upon what you call the “bad seed”.  And it shall grow in a way you would not have imagined.  Show it the Way of Light and it WILL turn.  For the Light is all powerful.  It will command the seed to grow in the Way of Light.  It will bring the seed to fruition in ways it never could have imagined.  

Hold the Light.  Be the Light.  

The darkness in which it was planted shall not overcome the Light.

This seed is your choice.  You have chosen to face that which you fear most.  Hold, then, the Light.

The darkness will recede in the Light, so hold, then, the Light.  Hold it steady, be steadfast.  The Light is at YOUR command.

The Light is the One and All.  The Light is in us all.  The Light is all-powerful, all good, all Love, all hope, all passion. All BEING.

Acknowledge your fear, but then dismiss it with the Light that is in you.  For you ARE the Light and the Light is all Powerful.  We are all One in the Light and the Light is everlasting.  Let the Light SHINE!  Speak nothing but the Light.  Let your love for the Light overcome all obstacles.  Let Love and Light prevail.  You are the Light.  Allow your Light to shine for all the world to see.  For the Light is in you and in All—one and all.

You are the Light.  The Light conquers all!  Be the Light.  Manifest the Light!  See the Light in every seed that’s planted for in each seed lies the light of Love and Life.  We are all One.

Do not let the Light fail.  Take heart!  YOU ARE THE LIGHT!  The HOPE of humanity resides in the Light.  And YOU are the Light—each and every one.  

Rise!  Rise to take up your Light and beam it abroad for all to see, for this day the Light of Hope, the Light of Love, shines bright and all the world is aflame with Light!  The New Age has come.  

You are the Light!  Let the Light Shine!  YOU   ARE   THE   LIGHT!
Bless you, dear ones.  Shine Bright!  You are the Light!  So be it.


Message channeled January 1, 2017
©Karen A. Shaffer 2017 (may be freely disseminated)


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No progress will be made if you but weep

No progress will be made if you but weep

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I am Metatron.

You cannot weep.  No progress will be made if you but weep.  Progress depends upon you—what you think, what you do, what you believe—all within that heart of yours.

You say you want to stand for progress.  Then you must progress in your thinking.  All the World is One and if you attune your thinking to one another on a grand scale, then you shall see Progress.

How do we define Progress?  It is that infinitesimal possibility becoming real—the thing you thought would never happen, but in your heart, you BELIEVE will happen, then it WILL happen.  Progress is not something one can measure.  It is not the usual concept that humanity throws around so casually.  It can have a deeper meaning—a meaning that All Is Well, that All Will be Well, that All is Assuredly Well.

Progress means a heart swelled with hope and promise that never fails to believe in Infinite Goodness that surrounds this planet.  No life can be assured that every promise will be delivered, and yet, in one dimension or another, that promise is fulfilled.  Your task is to wait upon it, to understand that humankind is moving in a new direction, that all the safety stops you have heretofore provided are unleashed so that you may think anew of all that IS possible, all that CAN be, IF the Universe thinks as One.

It takes an ensemble to make music joyful, for it is the harmony of human hearts that attunes its truth to all who listen, to all who abide in the holiness of each hour, in the hugeness of each minute, of each act of compassion, of each tourniquet of healing, of each gesture of kindness.  

Where does your heart sit amid the cacophony of human woe?  Center it in the middle of Love—the Love that your heart knows and that your head acknowledges.  Remember Who You Are.  There is so much more that you can do when you remember Who You Are.

You have come from the heights to heal the world, to pour upon it Love and Compassion, to bring new awareness to all sentient beings, to awaken to the Light that shines within us all, to respond to the healing nudge of the human heart, to wake again to the reality of Life, to sing a new song to the planet Earth, to abide in the heart of the All, for in the All, we are All One.  

The Earth is revolving into a New Age.  Strike the match!  And enlighten all you know—for you are all the Light of the world.  You bear the torch of forgiveness, the warmth of compassion, and the insight of great Love.  

Speak with your heart of hearts and let humanity know that all the Earth is yours to share, that all the Love encompasses ALL, and Peace lies within this realm.

Bless you, my child, bless you.
So be it.

Message channeled November 26, 2016
©Karen A. Shaffer 2016 (may be freely disseminated)



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Now is the Time

Now is the Time

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Now is the time to make your heart known, to send out Love to all the world.  Now is the time to stand your ground, to reach out to one another with compassion in your heart of hearts.  Now is the time to understand who you are and how powerful you really are.

The wings of time have no solid form.  It whispers in the night but the night, too, is without form.

Salvation comes in the morning with the dawn of realization that all is well in the world that you inhabit.  Your heart may tell you otherwise for it is truly a beacon of light.  But your mind is more powerful yet in transforming that which you wish to see.  

So much clutter surrounds your brain, it is like a whirlwind of debris.  Time now to clear it out, to allow the pure Light that you are to cleanse the thoughts of fear and anxiety.  Time to see through the darkness to understand the New Dawn, to realize in your heart of hearts that this is a time of adventure! Of possibilities! Of the New Earth which stands ready for YOU to create.  

Think not in distractions.  Center the core of your Being in the eternal bliss of Love and Light and there you shall find the Heart of Compassion, the Light of Love, the Living Beam of Light that shines on all alike.  

There is no tragedy that cannot be undone.  There is no whisper of Fate that cannot be turned—in the silence of the night, in the light of the dawn, in the whisper of eternity.

It is Light that brings forth the Dawn, the Light in which you must bathe and clothe yourself, for the Heavens are open to you.  All Life is before you, all Light beams your way ahead.  Do not fail to notice your power, the strength you have within you, the immense hope of the human heart, the fortitude of the human soul, the power of compassion, the link that makes us all strong, that brings us together in memory that we are all one, that in our oneness, we are all powerful.

We have the strength of mind and the hope of heart to move forward together into the Light that shines within us all and guides us into the New Dawn.

There is no need to fear.  All is well.  All is well.  Have faith, dear ones, have faith – in YOURSELVES!  Bring in the New Dawn.  You are the hope of the world.  Rest in that thought.  Combine in new ways and reach out to touch one another with the gleam of Eternal Bliss.

Check in with your heart of hearts and see the truth of what we have said, for all will be revealed and all is revealed in the Love we have for Humankind.  All is well and all will be well and all is well.  Have faith!  Believe!

So be it.

I am Metatron.

So be it.  Amen.  Aum.
Bless you, my child.  Bless you.

Message Channeled November 11, 2016
©Karen A. Shaffer 2016 (may be freely disseminated)


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The Mercy Beyond Blessing

The Mercy Beyond Blessing

Now you see the change.  It is upon you.  All that was before is now past.  

All that you dreamed that was possible, now IS.  A new dawn is upon you.

It is open but a crack, but oh, how powerful is that crack!  You may see more through the rift in the clouds and clouds may get in the way of that far-sight, but I tell you, IT IS THERE.
The New Dawn awakens and, with it, all of humanity and all that is on the planet Earth.  All sentient beings awaken to the Light that is now apparent.

Seek throughout the whole earth and there you will see the Light dawning—maybe only a crack, maybe just a glint, maybe just a hint of dawn—but there it is—it is there!

Now it is Time to shine your light abroad—to let the Light of Love seep through the crack.  The Light is for us all.  It will enrapture us all.  And wrap us in the Heart of Being, wholesome and true, wise and forgiving, loving-kindness in every heart.  

There it is, there it will be, there it is!  

So take that crack that you see in the dark and expand the Light with all the Heart that is within you and make sure that it touches every Living Being until the very rocks and soil rejoice in the Spirit of Love, being truly alive to that which is, for we are all One and in that Oneness, we can rejoice, we can BE whole and fully in tune with one another and with all the Earth.  

There is our promise, there it lies before you.  It stretches out in the new Dawn that you see before you.  It will never close.  It can only open wider and wider, as the Light you feel in your heart expands and bursts out to all the world.  

There IS a paradise.  It is within you.  Seek—deep within your heart for that which enfolds you and all humankind.  For you are the Angels of Mercy here to rescue this planet and bring into it a new life that all may work together in wholeness—in complete realization of all that is, in the fullness of Life, in the fullness of Light and the fullness of the Love that underpins it all.

Here is the Mercy Beyond Blessing
-– the Mercy that blesses us all, that brings a new world into being, that offers humanity new heights and brings to the Earth new prominence in the life of the universe.  For you are one among many, yet WE ARE ALL ONE.  

Open to the new dawn.  Sing its praises.  Speak eloquently of all that is yet to come.  Open your heart.  Let your mind relax and new depths will open to you and to all the world.

Sing unto the Earth a new song and let it be forever blessed with the Mercy of Love and Goodness of Light for all Eternity.

So be it.  So be it.


Message channeled October 12, 2016
©Karen A. Shaffer 2016 (may be freely disseminated)


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Rejoice in the Ascension of Humanity

Rejoice in the Ascension of Humanity

Yes, there is time—time for everyone to function, to begin anew, to build a new life in a higher dimension.  Now is the time.

Love has preceded all.  Love has laid the groundwork for all that is to come.  For you have spread your Light and Love across the board to humanity and to the Mother Earth and in so doing, you have saved the world.

A New Wave is coming.  It is here.  It has arrived.  Now, all is before you.  All is awakening.  All is opening to the New Wave—a Wave of immense significance, a Wave of immense opportunity—for humanity and all the Earth to rise up and be made anew on a new platform of integrity, of wholeness, of completeness.

There is no height to which you cannot soar.  No lesson that you have not learned.  No work yet to be undone, for you have entered a new landscape and all the past has been washed away and you are fresh and new with eyes wide open to the New World that opens before you, the New Dimension that has descended upon you, the New World that is yet before you.

Leave all behind you.  Look only forward.  For you are in need of creating a new world, a new life, a new dimension of being.  It is your time to ascend, to feel the rapture of holiness, to know the completion of all things, to be fully aware of all the dimensions that surround you, to walk in paths that you have not seen before in a land that is fresh and new.  

Awaken to what is before you!  The horizon spreads out before you.  The land is open and even.  Your path is clear.  Open yourself to the possibilities, to the higher good, to the healing word, to the loving climate that transforms all things into a higher state of Being.  Let there be rejoicing.  Let all people clasp hands and shout with Joy.  It IS Accomplished!

The work you have begun is bursting forth with the fruits of your labor.  All sentient beings rejoice in what is Yet to Be, created anew in the landscape of your imaginings, in the freshness of your dreams, in the wholeness of your Being, in the wellness of all things.  So you have arrived!  We are here for you.  We are all One.  And in that Oneness, we are all Rejoicing in what you have accomplished!  

We are truly with you.  We are here for you.  We are grateful for you and rejoice in the ascension of humanity.  This very day, all is accomplished.  Move forward with faith, with joy, with an ever-grateful heart.  For the Joy that is in you is in all the Earth and we are all Rejoicing!  Yes!  It is Good!

Our blessings from higher realms are with you always.
So be it.


Message channeled September 30, 2016
©Karen A. Shaffer 2016 (may be freely disseminated)

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A New Earth Dawns

A New World Dawns

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I am White Eagle.

A New Age comes and yet you do not seek it.  Why not?  What is the fear that holds you back?  Do you not strain to see the future, to see what you, yourself, have created?  Do you not strain to know the truth, to see far distant into the destiny of humanity?  Do you not wonder where it is all going?

How many feel trapped in the dissolute time of change!  The disruption of all that you have known, the decline of the settled order.  How far can you see?  How far do you wish to see?

Heaven knows where you are going!  But do you?  What is all this Love and Light that you have been beaming from your central core?  What is all this care about the Earth, the living, breathing Earth and all that is in it and upon it?

You think you cannot know.  But what is within you?  Ask!  Seek!  Find!  That which is within you will never perish.  It is THAT which endures through whatever disruptions may occur.  Yes, the Earth is changing.  The Universe is changing for all that matter.  But You are changing too.  What is that leap you have been talking about for so long — that leap into higher consciousness, to greater awareness, to total self-revelation?  Is that not what you have been seeking?  And is that not what has been promised for this time?

Though the Earth shakes and you shake within you, yet there is a piece of you that is rock-solid, a piece that can never be shaken and yes, there is a Peace deep within you that is a part of Eternity.  Grab onto it!  And let it carry you through the dissolution of the order you have known.  Create anew from the space that is within you.  A New World dawns.  A new world is upon you.  

But YOU must create it from a higher point of consciousness and THERE shall you dwell in a New World in a New Age that opens promise to one and all. For we are all One.  As you dream, as you believe, as you think, as you envision a New World that is upon you, a New Age that is within you, so shall it be.  For all is One and One is All and all that you dream shall be.

Do not fear your dreams.  Dream with boldness.  Dream with Faith.  Dream with Realization that YOU are the Creator and all that you create will come to pass and all the Earth shall rejoice and return to Peace once again — at a higher level of Being.  

This is my promise.  Do not fear to go forward.  Seek the power within you.  Express it! — with all the might within you.  Be brave.  The world is not coming to an end.  It is opening to a new beginning.  Bless it and bless you and all who partake of this great step forward into higher realms.  

Rejoice!  It is upon you.  Be glad!  Seek the Wisdom within you and you shall have Understanding and be not afraid.

Bless you, my child.  Bless you.
So be it.  Amen.  Aum.

Message channeled September 26, 2016
©Karen A. Shaffer 2016 (may be freely disseminated)
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The New Earth--It Is Time!

The New Earth – It Is Time!

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I am White Eagle.

When all is quiet within and the rainbow of peace shatters the darkness around it, then will there be peace.  When will it all end, you ask?  The murderous intent, the unkind cuts, the cruel streaks of humanity — when will it all come to an end?  We say again — when all is quiet within, when the voice you hear within you clearly sounds the golden truth that links all beings in one glorious chain of life.

Weep not for the cruelty of humanity.  Lift your heart in hope for the truth is within you.  There is an ultimate peace that no war can transcend, no hypocrisy can destroy, no cruelty can overcome.  The peace that stems from love within radiates to all the world.  You simply need to be calm, to trust your inner voice, to speak your truth, to acknowledge the truth of others and to see forever there is but One Truth — We Are All One.

Your instincts say No that can’t be true — we are all so different, and yes, on the surface, that is what appears to be, but in the end, we are all the same — We Are All One – in Love and Hope and Light.

So see through all the differences that simply appear to be but in fact are not.  Is the heart of a woman who loves her child any different from the heart of a man who loves his child?  No, I tell you, it is not.  There is no difference.  At the base of it, we are all one in the Love that surrounds us, the Love that is within us, the Love that is our whole, entire Being.

We manifest what we think and feel so it is time to think and feel Peace, to trust the voice within us that speaks Peace with every syllable, that shouts Peace with every yearning, that believes Peace with all its heart.

You cannot be free unless you believe in Peace – the reality of Peace within and Peace without.  For Peace is at the heart of the golden rule — “Love one another as I have loved you.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  And so it is.  

In that one rule you see the truth of all that is — the universality of the human heart, the universality of yearning for peace, the universality of hope, of dreams, of yearning for self-fulfillment, the release of the Love that bubbles up within.  

Let there be Peace among you.  There is not one of you that is different from any other.  How can you not then care for one another and recognize each other as brother and sister?  There is no way you can compel love from another but with a sympathetic heart, you can break down barriers.  You can reach out to one another.  You can touch the deep yearning within another heart and bring it to peace.  Why can you not see how simple this truth is?

Simply stand upon a rock and shout your joy, your rapture, your truth.  Let your inner voice out.  Let all the world hear it.  Let all the world know that it is safe and time for the inner voice to speak in all humanity.  It is time for all good things to come to fruition.  It is a time of turning, a time for Peace to radiate from each human heart to each other human heart — for the soul of humanity to rise, for the Earth to smile, for all people to embrace one another.

Now is the time!  No more wandering in the wilderness, in the confusion of chaos.  Arise!  Emerge from the morass.  See beyond the trees.  Lift yourself to the mountaintop and understand — We Are All One.

Rise into the heavens above and see this globe for all it is — the beauty of the Sphere that you love so much.  Embrace it with your whole heart.  Spin light around the world until it penetrates every nook and cranny, every high place, every low place and beneath the seas to the crystal core of the Earth.  Let your love resound as the heartbeat of the Earth and may all hearts beat as one.  It is well within your grasp.  Reach!  Reach — up!  

We bow to greet you and sing your praises likewise for you are the angels of the Earth, set to set the world on fire with the passion for Peace, with the burning Love that will set the Earth alight.  It is the New Earth.  It is TIME for it to emerge.

Keep your heart and mind focused on bringing this New Earth into being.  For all is set, all is ready, all is NOW!  Every moment is yours to empower the Earth and all humanity to transform, to move toward eternal Peace.  

Do not be sad.  Now is the time to lift up your voice and be heard.  Let Joy resound, for the new day comes!  It is upon you.  Let it come!  Let it Be!  For it IS!

So be it.

Bless you, dear child, bless you
So be it.

Message channeled July 8, 2016
©2016 by Karen A. Shaffer (may be freely disseminated)
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Oh, Humanity, Wake to your powers!

Oh, Humanity, Wake to your powers!

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I am White Eagle.

All you see before you is chaos—the chaos of ungrounded thought that wreaks havoc upon the world.  The order you have known now faces the unknown.  All the things you fear are simply change — transformation, if you will, from one mode of thought to another, raising you ever higher in your conscious awareness of the unity of all things.

One cannot take a step in China without someone in Saudi Arabia knowing about it.  The Earth is one globe.  Only man has separated it into little pieces of territory that they can never possess.  For the earth belongs to all of us and not to any one of us. Humanity as a whole has a responsibility to itself to bring peace upon the planet, to stretch out and reveal the truth as it is — the wholeness of all things, the oneness that unites us all.  There is no separation of spirit.  We are all One.  

Imagine, if you will, how that one thought can transform the world.  All the divisions will fall away.  New harmonies will emerge from the abstractions and disharmony that haunt you now.  So ground your energies deep into the earth, down to the deep central crystal core and let the energy of Love rise up to meet your feet and FLOW throughout your body to the heavens above.  Allow your consciousness to unite heaven and earth.  

YOU are the transforming element.  Humanity stands between heaven and earth.  The savior of all that is real, all that is whole, all that is healthy, all the power that is within rains upon the earth.  Notice how wise you are when you are in tune with the Infinite.  The heart of the earth vibrates within you and resonates with the higher spheres of consciousness.  Do not allow yourself to sink into habits of despair.

The moon and sun rise within you.  You are the Light that saves the world from the disasters you only imagine.  Recognize the wholeness within you and within everyone and all things.  Recognize the wholeness of the planet, of its place within the universe, of the wholeness and rightness of all things.  Take your place among the gods.  

Oh, Humanity, Wake to your powers, perception of higher consciousness.  Awaken to all that you are and always have been.  Hear this cry, this plea of all humanity.  Make peace.  Make peace a reality.  Open to the peace within you and to the Love that transcends all boundaries.  Open your hearts.  Let the world in.

Unveil the higher reality, the True Consciousness that made us all.  Live in the Creative Spirit that moves within you.  Breathe in the essence of Life for the Light SHINES within you.  And all the world will be in love with Light — the Light of all humanity that waves like a torch in the wind — a beacon to all who seek sanctuary.

Let your light shine and light the beacon within each one until the whole globe is alight with hope, with truth, with Love everlasting.  Do not depend on your own senses alone but on the Light within you that burns with everlasting Love.  For we are all One and the Oneness is a Light that will shine forever.  Let your love and your light shine!  Now and forever!  

Love will prevail.  Be assured.  
Love is gathered within you and IT WILL SHINE!
Have faith.  Be at peace.

Bless you, my child. Bless you.
So be it.

Message channeled January 8, 2016
©Karen A. Shaffer 2016 (may be freely disseminated)

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See how brightly you shine!
See how brightly you shine!
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I am White Eagle,

Do not allow your thoughts to wander.  You are in control of your thoughts.  You must control your thoughts.  Whatever you think is what you will manifest.  Therefore think deeply on that which you so desire.  If it is Peace, then think deeply on Peace.  If it is Love, then think deeply on Love.  Think deeply on the Oneness of all creation, the Oneness that is yours to bear.  

Do not allow yourself to sink into the slough of despond.  Tell yourself that Life is Light and no unhappiness should be upon you.  There is no dream but that which you create.  Dream what you wish.  Reach for the highest star.  Own your dreams — they are yours — yours to bring into manifestation, yours to cherish.  

There is no wisdom you cannot have.  You seek understanding and it is yours.  Whatever you seek truly, deeply, in your heart of hearts is yours alone.  

No wrinkle of time can keep you from manifestation of that which you wish to create.  Do not sink into oblivion.  Bring yourself out of the darkness, out of self-blame, into the Light, the Light everlasting that upholds you and lifts you and loves you, keeps you forever in the glow of Love and Light.

You are forever manifesting in the Light as you see the Light.  Go therefore deeply into the Light and all good things will come to you.  You need not ask, but simply BE, for that which you are is holy.  You are the creation of the Light.  Love has brought you to manifestation and therefore the secret of manifestation is Love and Light.

Bring yourself to a higher station.  See over the mountaintops; see beyond the valleys.  See past whatever holds you back.  There is nothing that can stop you.  Only healing is before you.  

Therefore walk steadily in the Light, the Light of Oneness that shelters us in the cocoon of Love, that will not break its bond with you.  For you are wholly within the Light and the Love of manifestation.  You are the Act of Creation.  You are the Wisdom of the Spheres.  You are the Way, and the Truth and the Life.  For you know all things and all things are manifest in you.  

You are One with the Universe — One with all that is.  

There are no boundaries.  Refresh yourself in the wholeness of this Light and the Laughter of Love and Joy and the Peace that passes all understanding.  Mount to the high places.  See over the mountaintops.  The stars are just beyond.  Reach out, you can touch them!

Nothing can stay your reach.  Reach as far as your heart desires and there find Love and Light to greet you.  Wisdom and Understanding are yours.  Reach out — from the mountaintops!  Look forever skyward.  Do not mind what is below.  See only the heaven above — that which sustains you, that which nurtures you, that which IS you — for we are all One — One in the Great Manifestation of universes beyond your imagining, of kindness beyond your ken, of compassion that weeps with you.  

Let the arms of Love create you again — renew your spirit — lift you to the high places.  Let no shadow fall upon you but dwell in the Light — the Light of Lights.  There be absorbed in the mass of the Loving Creation.

See how brightly you shine!  See how completely you are absorbed in the whole.  See how YOU are whole — how, in the end, happy to be where you belong — a Star in the heavens, a Light to the world, a Gift to all Creation.  

Rest in the peace of who you are.  

Let nothing dissuade you from reaching out to that which is wholly you.  Delve deep inside your heart of hearts and there shall you know the Truth, see the Truth and be the Truth, for we are all One and in that Oneness, we are all whole, and in that wholeness we are all Love, all Light, all Beauty, all Peace, all Joy, all Laughter and Well-Being.  

We are all that we need to be at this moment and forever.  Walk softly upon the Earth and know it as your Mother, keen to nurture and uphold you.  Bring the Light that you are deeply into her crystalline center and aid her evolution into higher consciousness.  

Now is the time.  Transformation is upon us.  See clearly who you are and remark how powerful you are.  You are more powerful than all your dreams.  Take hold of your power and plant it into the Earth, into the central core of all Being.  There shall all be well and all be well and all be well.

Let Peace be among you.  Let the Light descend upon you and rise up through your feet with Love Divine in the wholeness of all Creation.  Let Love and Joy thrive upon this planet and may Peace be upon you forevermore.  

You are whole.  Allow nothing to stand in your way.  Peace is upon you.  Power is yours.  
Keep focused and stay within this space.  All Love is yours, all Life is yours, all Light is yours, now and forever.  

Peace be upon you.  

Speak Peace.

So be it.

Message channeled January 4, 2016
© Karen A.  Shaffer, 2016 (may be freely disseminated)



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Make Haste to Sing!
Make Haste to Sing!

I am White Eagle.

Make haste to Sing!  “Sing of what?” you ask.  Sing of Love overcoming all the challenges of the past and those that face you in the present.  For what you weave in song becomes the melody of the future.  It is a complex web of interlocking harmonies, vibrations of the heart that sing beyond reason into the tempest that you behold.  

You may think, oh, there is no way that MY Song, MY voice, will make a difference.  And yet, you must understand — we are all One.  What one voice sings, another picks up and another and another, and as the song is tossed from voice to voice and heart to heart, it swells in wondrous harmonies to rock the spheres and re-settle the Earth and the chaos that you behold.  

Your voice, along with these voices, harmonize the Singing Earth.  Plant your seeds of song deep within your hearts and let the vibrations rise higher and higher joining harmonies with all who sing.  A profound warmth will fill your being and so it will warm the heart of the Earth, set the crystal core aglow with gladness, ease the tempest of the times, send forth a bouquet of flowers whose scent is Song!  A rainbow of colors set alight with the harmonies of the universe!  

See the Light!  It shines before you.  It enters every heart and strums the heartstrings that make the Earth move. 

Vibrate to your highest instincts and let the world resound with the heartbeat of Love.  Let every voice join in until with one accord you raise your voices and lift your hearts to the highest vibration, to the single-most important string of your Being — to the Love that wells up within you and moves the Earth to One Accord — all creatures rest in harmony with this One Full Accord.  

There is the chorus of Love that lights your inner being and so, too, the heart of the Earth.  All moves with One Accord, vibrating to that heavenly tune to which we are all attuned.

See the width of the band that joins you.  Feel the fullness of the chorus that holds forth.  And remark on the presence of the Light that shines within you.  

No one can deny its power.  No one can resist its drawing strength.  No one can escape its bounds for the Light of Song encompasses all.  The Song of your Being emanates throughout the Earth and into the Cosmic skies.  It is a voice heard in galaxies beyond your imagining.  Let that voice resound with joy.  Let it be heard.  

Lift up your voice and Sing!  For now is the time that all things must come together in peace and harmony.  The Light within you must shine.  Let it be heard.  Let it be seen.  Let it Be.  

May peace and peace and peace be everywhere and always with you.

Our hearts are with you.  

Go in peace, dear one, and let nothing bind you except this Chorus of Love.

So be it.
Bless you, my child, bless you.

Message channeled March 2, 2015
©Karen A. Shaffer 2105 (may be freely disseminated)
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Divine Order
Divine Order

The un-ease you are feeling is universal.  Everyone — every person, every creature on this planet — is feeling the disruption of change.  There is un-ease in not knowing quite which direction this change is taking us.  And yet, I can assure you it is to a better world — one more enlightened, one more enshrined in goodness, enveloped in love, saturated with light.  

The light that is within you will shine forth in ever-empowering circles of light, enabling all to see and feel the Love that has created us all.  

Divine Order?  Yes!  The order of the Divine is Love.  The order of the Divine is Light — the Light that dissipates despair, the Light that shines through all things and illuminates our minds and hearts together.  

The Light prepares us for something new — it guides us through the change that unsettles our hearts.  Yet with the guidance of the Light, our hearts can remain steady, assured by the Love that radiates through the heart of the Light.  
This is an enigma but we must understand that what is beyond us is within us.  What is beyond our understanding is actually within our heart of hearts.  And there we can reside and be guided by the wisdom that resides therein.  

While we think it is hidden too deeply, yet it is there, just behind the veil — the veil that seems so impenetrable — andyet will melt with the slightest touch of Love.  

Have compassion for yourselves.  Make way for the Love of the Divine to reveal itself within you.  There is the Divine Order that you seek, yet you know not.  Open your hearts.  Compassion is just around the corner.  Resilience comes once again, refreshing the soul with the waters of Divine Love.  

Seek to impart this wisdom to all that they may find refreshment in the truth that is within them — within the Love that interpenetrates all things – the Love that is the essence of being, the Love that is the essence of the All, the Love within which we have our being and from which we derive our motivation, our basis for living, for going forward, for moving on into higher dimensions, into new worlds yet to be discovered, into the land that once was “make-believe”.  
It is your reality.  It is not beyond you.  It is within you.  Move forward more deeply within yourself and visit with the heart that moves inside you — the Great Heart that moves the universe within you and there see how you can create all that you dream of being.  

All the good cheer and laughter and love and great-heartedness that you hope to see open before you on this planet Earth.  There it is!  Catch the vision — of that which you are creating!  Do not let yourself despair.  The Love that creates is within you — the Light that shines is in your heart of hearts.  

Your entire being is on fire with Love and Light.  See it burning — a torch for all to follow, lighting up the sky at midnight.  There shall be no more darkness.  The darkness cannot prevail against the Light.  The Light that moves us never dims.  It is with us forever and so we are immortal in all our being.  

Move forward in hope, in faith, in love.  See it evolve before your very eyes.  Feel the change for good.  For all that is within you is Good.  And all you create is Love.  Love the world in your being.  Hold it close to your heart, for the world that you imagine is in your heart of hearts and all you need to do is LET IT GO!  

The fullness of Love is upon you.  The gracious Light Divine is within you.  Manifest your dreams of all that is to be.

I am White Eagle.  The change that is upon you is good.  Fear it not.

May peace and peace and peace be with you.   

So be it.

Message channeled October 5, 2014
©Karen A. Shaffer 2014 (may be freely disseminated)

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The spangled vision of yourself!
The Spangled Vision of Yourself!

In the Light that shines upon me, in the Love that keeps us still, I address you with all my heart.  I am White Eagle.

I am yours to command for all that has come into being is not lost upon you.  You can see the heavens apart.  

Master yourself and all those around you will become masters in turn.

Be self-contained.  Monitor all that you do.  Keep your thoughts from wandering.  Notice the changes in your body and your mind and your soul.  This is a critical time.  Things are changing rapidly and all that you know is coming to fruition.  You cannot see the stars without knowing – they wink to you in intelligence – the Intelligence of the Cosmos, the Mind of the Creator, the Beingness of All That Is. 

Fancy being on a star and seeing all that glows throughout the galaxy.  Imagine hopefulness and light shimmering and showering from every direction their blessings upon you.  Think how you will perceive all this – in every cell of your body and every atom of your soul for it is all a part of you.  And so it ever will be.  

It does not range from heaven above to earth below but radiates from within the very structure of your cells, the atoms of your Being, the Loving Wind of your Spirit.  There is the Creator’s arc manifesting in all.  

For there stands the human mystery which glides through the universe endowed with all the aspects of the Creator, fully equipped to negotiate galaxies and seed the stars with Love.  

How dramatic is the scene before you!  The spangled vision of yourself!  Walking through universes of your desire, enfolding the Love and Light between you and manifesting new worlds ever expanding in their glory and in their wisdom.  

What Light can you shine upon this but that it ever was and ever will be within the cellular structure of your Being?  Answer to the Creator within you and seek the wisdom that lies therein.  For no one can contain you.  You are the stars.  You are the planets.  You are the sun and moon.  You are All That Is.  For All That Is is within you.  

Open your heart to the wisdom within, to the mighty sword of discrimination, to the awesome truth of who you really are.  Let the bells chime for one another – for the revelation that is about to be seen.  

Celebrate all that is within you.  Be joyful.  Be happy.  Be well.  Just BE!  And all is well and all is well and all is well within you.  

Speak peace to my brothers and sisters on Earth and tell them the good news – that all is well within them, if they will only listen to the heartstrings within them, to the tones that ensue, to the rapture that is released with the Love of LIFE and all within it.  Speak rapture to all.  Speak Love to everyone and let the Light shine upon you all.

May peace and peace and peace be everywhere and always with you.

So be it, dear one.  So be it.

Message channeled June 29, 2014
© Karen A.  Shaffer 2014

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There is a beauty to this dance
There is a beauty to this dance
I am White Eagle.

In the long configuration of the Earth’s history, many constellations have actually come and gone.  Configurations change of the stars in the heavens yet in some respects, they remain the same.  We cannot say how each configuration will affect the Earth but we can explain that the Earth is central to these configurations.  

You know you are experiencing a square and within that square a cross yet you do not know what it signifies.  Yet to close observers who understand these matters, it is quite clear a substantial change is in the offing.  What change that will be depends in part upon the consciousness that dwells upon the Earth at the time of the configuration.  For nothing in the heavens happens without affecting the consciousness of the Earth and yet the consciousness of the Earth also affects the configuration in the heavens.  

No one can completely predict what will happen or why because that consciousness between the two worlds, so to speak, is dynamic.  One affects the other.  Consciousness changes and as it changes, it fulfills a destiny that may be written in the stars but the stars may twinkle at the consciousness of the Earth and playfully insist that it change and grow!  There is humor in the heavens.  It is not all seriousness!  Think of Jupiter, Jove – the jovial one.  There is laughter as well as tears reflected upon the ancient spheres of the universe.  

Galaxy upon galaxy move in a blessed harmony as if in a ballet step by step in consonance with one another.  This is how the stars move and the planets with them.  There is a divine consciousness that rules this interplay of light, that laughs and plays and delights in the interplay of consciousness.  

There is a beauty to this dance that only a disembodied spirit can observe and yet humanity must perceive the dance and step to the rhythm of the waves of the universe.  For all is holy, all is beauty, all is peace and harmony among the stars and planets of the universe.  

The reality is Perfection – perfect synchronization of all steps in this great and glorious dance.  The heavens sparkle with delight at all they are and all they will become!  For as the mark of consciousness moves forward, so too, all the heavens rejoice and welcome the Earth to higher planes, to sing the finer harmonies, to sense the finer vibrations that spring from the step – the step of ancient harmonies, of primordial goodness, of wholeness and of mercy and kindness and gentleness, of joyfulness, of laughter and fulfillment – all moving to the ancient step, the beat of the ancient drum, the harmonies of the Eternal Wave of Light and Love that sequences all events.  

All waves of light, all particles of matter, all cellular forces, all atoms dance to the tune of the Master.  Listen to the beat of your heart.  Feel the pulse of the universe within your very soul.  And know that every vibration comes from One Source – the Source of All.  Each one beats to the rhythm of the All.  Each one lies in the heart of the All for there is nothing but this – the rhythm of Love and Light that penetrates every fiber of your being to the finest ethers of your soul.  

Nothing is more beautiful than this – that you should know the Light and be the Light and see the Light and forever livein the Light that is the essence of the All, the essence of One and All.  Let there be harmony within and without, in the higher spheres and in the lower.  Let true consciousness raise the Earth and all who dwell upon it to the higher harmonies that await your discovery.  Sing in sync with the songs of the stars and never forget who you are.  So be it.  

Message channeled August 7, 2010
© Karen A. Shaffer 2010 (may be freely disseminated)

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The Genius of All Beginnings
The Genius of All Beginnings

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I am White Eagle.

The trappings of kindness live forever.  The trappings of ill-will fail.  Kindness springs from the heart that beats with clarity, sincerity, nobility of purpose and compassion.  No one walks the Earth without a sense of mission.  Nothing can fail them.  

For those who know their purpose in life are given the key to order and restraint through laughter and good-heartedness to fulfillment and satisfaction in BEING.  Wholesome and complete are those who act according to their mission in life.  How easy it would be if that were all one could possibly do in one’s life.  Yet, there are many possibilities even beyond what you might imagine.

Order and Restraint.  These are the watchwords of keeping still in the presence of God.  Why Order? you ask.  Order means Will — it means the Will to Do , the Will to Be, the Will to Become all that you are meant to be.  

Restraint means the bending of the will to the higher purpose one’s inner being perceives.  Restraint requires Will — the Will to be Whole.  You cannot be whole without being in love with life. You cannot love life without the Will to do so.  Set your house in order.  Restrain your passions to run away and find within yourself the kernel of Eternal Life that beams Light and Life to all it meets.

And in that love of life there is no more restraint but only the full-blown love of life, the joyousness of pure being, the rapture of recognition of who you truly are.  For behind the mask of intemperance is the temper of all things — the heartbeat of the Universe, the pulse of the Earth beneath your feet, the grandiloquence of the Light that shines from within.

Speak of rapture, of the fineness of all things, of the beauty of the Earth and all that surrounds you, of all that lay before you and is YET to come.  See into the heart of the Universe and know that your heart beats in time with the universal rhythms, the ancient pulse of humanity, the singular temper of the Earth and the moon and stars. 

Watch with me through the night and see the blend of magnificence that offers itself up to you who dream of Love, whose hearts stir with Hope, whose minds are filled with Genius – the Genius of all beginnings, of beginnings that never end, of solitude that remains fixed in the stars and rapture that sings in the heart.

Make haste and pace among the stars.  Set your heart to race to a higher humanity, to embrace the Earth with love, to topple the stilts that bring everyone down.  

Offer your hand up to those who fall and stretch across the bridge to new joy, to new hope, to a newness of purpose, to a vision of a larger world that brings all together.  For we are all One and in that Oneness is the glory of the world and the happiness of the Earth and the joy and peace of all who dwell therein.

Spring into Hope.  Let no fear dissolve your purpose for the world of Infinity awaits you and your entry into the New World.  Fathom the depths of your being and explore the height to which you might go — for all is there within you — all the possibilities, the endless paths that you may follow — all rise up to meet you, all welcome you in a new vision of what is yet to be.

And yet, in your heart of hearts, it has always been.  

Speak now.  And let it be told to all who would listen.  Let this purpose guide you.  
Be well, my child.  Bless you.  So be it.

Message channeled May 16, 2014
©Karen A. Shaffer, 2014 (may be freely disseminated)

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The Song of the Earth
The Song of the Earth

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I am White Eagle.

The Earth resounds with the cry: “I Am”.  But no one hears it.  The song of the Earth that wells up from its crystal core vibrates in every cell of your body.  And yet if you do not place your bare feet upon the Earth and partake of this vibration, you will fail to hear it.  For it has more to say to you than you can possibly imagine.

The Earth is at the core of your being.  It rises up in you, in the kundalini that begins at your base chakra.  This is the energy of the Earth, rising, always rising.  Lifting you up.  Holding you up.  Like “the green fuse that drives the flower,” so it is with you.  The Earth energies push you ever upward so that you, too, may flower — in the beauty of the night as well as the glory of the day, promoting your oneness with the moon and your oneness with the sun — the unity of sun and moon that unites each cell within you, that unifies you with the Earth and all the energies thereof.  

Here is the Divine Unity — that which unites you with the Earth, unites you also with the sun and moon, with the heavens above and all the glory of the stars that shine holy light upon you — that that Earthly part of you may be transmuted to the higher energies above, that you may feel the Divine working within each cell of your body, that you may know your unity with all things, that you may be whole — wholly yourself within the larger firmament, fully and completely at one with that which you are in the grand scheme of life.  

For the Cosmos resides within you, ever expanding, ever expansive.  It reigns supreme within each cell of your body.  It makes itself felt through the soles of your feet and the yearnings of your heart.  

There is no peace without love and no love without the ever-ringing cosmos that sounds within your ears.  Imagine that you are flying through the universe at the speed of light.  Imagine what you hear.  Imagine what you see.  Who are you then?  Are you like the waves of light that wash through you?  Are you reflective of the moon and sun within you?  Do you not see that the universe holds all that you are within you?  

The bride you seek is within you.  The marriage of true hearts is that of the sun and moon within you with your feet anchored in the Earth.  Watch and see.  Feel the force within you that lives and moves your entire being.  This is the motive force behind all life.  

It is the will of the Creator that you should recognize your source within the Earth and rise to meet the sun and moon of your existence with your feet planted firmly in the Earth.  For the energies of the Earth are welling up within you at all times, anchoring you to the crystal core beneath your feet.  The expression of will that is planted in the Earth and seen through the growth of plants expresses the ingenuity of your creator and the mystery of all life.  

Within the seed of contemplation lies the whole kernal of wisdom, the understanding that brings life to life.  Sing always the song of the Earth and it will reward you with the song of Life that runs within you as the stream of consciousness runs through the entire universe.  

Wait upon this strength and knowledge of your oneness with the All.  There is no game that can be played without that ultimate piece of information that wells up from the Earth at your very feet.  Be still.  And listen to the Earth.  Listen to your heart.  For it rises up with song, the song of life everlasting — within you.

So be it.

Message channeled Sunday, November 20, 2011
©Karen A. Shaffer 2014 (may be freely disseminated)
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Hold your torch aloft!
Hold Your Torch Aloft!
I am White Cloud.

The Earth is preparing itself for transformation of a kind never seen before.  It has awakened to the new vibration that encompasses the Earth, stimulated by a ring of Light-workers circling the planet.  Whether you call it a circle or a ring does not matter.  

It is as if torches of Light were passed hand to hand across the Globe.  Each one fueling the other, each one burning brightly in its own right, each one holding aloft the Light of Truth, the Torch of Hope, the Living Fire of the Essence Itself.  

How beautiful is the Light that shines within each torch held aloft, fueled by the Life Force of the Earth itself, anchored in the crystalline core that releases all intelligence, all wisdom, all knowledge, all courage, all strength, all capacity.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h to hold those torches aloft, each one with head held high reveling in the upward flow of energy from the Earth itself.  You are the Torch.  You are the Light.  You are the beam that is arcing across the planet and lighting the universe in new ways that can only bring joy and beauty and wisdom more deeply into the molecules that animate us all.  

Hold your torch aloft and remind yourself of who you are, where you have been and where you came from.  For the essence of the torch is Light – it is the very essence of Life itself – the Essence we all share.  

So hold your torch aloft and bend it to Light your neighbor’s torch and send your neighbor to light the next torch – and on and on and on – until the circle of Light is complete in every heart, in every community, in every land – let it unite all as One.  For we are all One, now and forever.

Hold your lamp alight.  Let it Beam!  Let it foreshadow all that is to come.  Let it enlighten the world and Planet Earth shall be transformed now and forever.

Make haste to do our bidding.  Become the Light that you are and always have been.  Bring the Light into the world and let it shine for all the world to see, for we are all One and in that Oneness, we are all whole.

We are forever naked in the eyes of God and we are forever renewed in the Light that made us, enfolded in Love, embraced by Love, re-birthed in Love, always in Love.  For Love has created us and Love will forever re-create us, always in the image of That which is Eternal and glows in ecstasy beyond our imagining.

Be at PEACE.  Be at LOVE.  Be at JOY.  Be at HOPE.  

BE THE LIGHT – the Light that you are and the Light that you were born to be.  Let your Light SHINE.  For you are free.  Seek the wisdom in your heart.  Obey its impulses until you find that core of Divine Love, that seed from which you came and will forever grow Holy.  You are Holy.  

Speak now with wisdom and strength.  Love will lead you.   So be it.

Message Channeled April 14, 2014
© Karen A. Shaffer 2014 (may be freely disseminated)
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The evolution of the Christ consciousness

The evolution of the Christ consciousness . . .

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The evolution of the Christ consciousness in your world depends upon human will to attain a state of higher consciousness.  It is no good to say this is the age of Aquarius and then do nothing.  Higher consciousness requires the attunement of the human will to the higher vibration.  One must “tune in” so to speak in order to open to the higher consciousness that is indeed accessible now to all who seek to reach that level.

You remember the saying: “Gentlemen may cry ‘Peace, peace,’ but I say there is no peace.” Unless you are peaceful within yourselves and not always at war within and with each other, there will be no peace.

Peace is an inner state that radiates outward.  It is not something that can be imposed for as long as the human mind is attuned to the transient ego, it will remain controlled by whim, by moods of anger and dissatisfaction.  

Peace requires your attention, your willingness to give it your attention each day with each thought, each movement.  Each gesture that you make must be filled with peace, the peace that fills you when your mind and heart are attuned to the One God, attuned to the Oneness of All Beings, the Oneness of all Things.  Until your heart is open to the reality of Oneness, you will never attain peace.

True peace begins with willful thought, trained on the possibility of total Oneness, of total peace and as that thought expands, saturating every atom of your being, peace enters in.  

There is no more profound thought than this – the Oneness of all Creation.  Center yourself in this thought.  Expand your soul until it merges into the dewy mist of life.  See how profoundly you are made and how deeply you are connected with all that is and all that ever was.

Expand your Being to touch the Heart of the Almighty and there in profound love, dwell.  There you can know no fear, no hunger, no anger for all is satisfied in the Love of the Almighty.  There is nothing else.  Saturate every cell of your Being with the Love of the Almighty.  

No more profound feeling exists in all of Creation.  Let yourself be absorbed into the Christ Consciousness that pervades all Creation.  Be lifted up into the profound wisdom of who you are.  No greater Wisdom is there than this.

It is the understanding of heart, mind and soul of who you truly are and whose you truly are for you belong to the Wisdom of the Universe, the Heart of All Creation, the Center of the Universal Mind.  There is no more profound experience than this.  

Remember.  Remember.  Remember.  

Message channeled December 3, 2003
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013 (may be freely disseminated)

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Where there is Love . . .

Where there is Love . . .

I am White Eagle.

Where there is Love, there is Hope.  And the Hope of the Universe is grounded in Love – Universal Love.  

Once upon a time when life was simpler, when the game was plentiful, and life was good, in the villages among the tepees, were people of great strength, and Wisdom was their daily food. They were guided by that strength and wisdom and clung deeply to the Earth, welcoming her bounty and harvesting her love.  For once upon a time these people understood the message of Love that welled up through their feet.  

They placed their hands upon the Earth in grateful recognition of its mothering care.  They never failed to honor her – with the light of each day, in the coolness of the evening, and the dark of night.  They honored her seasons.  They acknowledged her power to sustain them in all weather.  They understood her moods, her moon swings, her starry rhythms, her planetary presence in the midst of sun and moons and planets.  She, the Earth, understood all of this, and so, too, did the people who gained wisdom at her feet.

How fully they were known, they understood – how completely and how lovingly cared for by this single planet in the vast universe among the starry heavens above.  They gained strength from this.  Wisdom was theirs.  They understood who they were.  Their immortality stood out like the stars above as long as they drew their power from the Earth, feet firmly attached to her golden crust.  

But now the egg is broken.  It is cracking open and that connection is now precarious, for the hearts of men have ignored their Mother, the planet Earth.  The connection has failed.  The Earth is fading without the reciprocal love that was so natural, so many years ago.  Only Love can save the planet, the hearts and ears of humankind must turn once more and be attuned to the rhythms of their Mother, to the voice she speaks, to the heart that beats within her, to the crystal that beams its light through all.

The Earth must be free – free of all the clutter and debris that humankind has strewn upon her face – free of all the negative and cruel energies she has been made to endure.  Only humankind can restore her.  Only humankind can make her whole.  Humankind must care, must yearn, must will to return to their Mother’s fold to be embraced once more by her love and her wisdom and draw strength from that which she has always given – her heart of hearts, her song of songs, her rapture beyond words.

This is where she must be.  This is where we must be.  Embrace your Mother and be restored once again to Wisdom, Strength, Understanding and Universal Love.  This is my message for all to hear.  Be well.  Be loved.  Be clear.  Be at peace.   Bless you.

Message channeled June 30, 2012
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013 (May be freely disseminated)

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There are marvels in this Universe

There are marvels in this Universe

I am White Cloud.  I have news for you that you must carry to the farthest ends of the Earth.  It is news of joy and peace.  I have longed for this moment – for this time to come –  for I have much to say to you on the planet Earth.  

There are marvels in this Universe beyond the narrow vision of your earthly eyes.  It is time that your eyes were opened.  It is time for you to see further into the mysteries of life.  Time for mankind to step up and into the realm which is his natural inheritance.  

Follow your hearts – your inmost inklings of who you truly are.  Follow the whisperings of Eternity and you will march to the rhythms of the Universe.  Align yourselves with the sentient beings who surround and support you though you do not know it.  Though you do not see them yet they are there.  And as you align your energies with these beings so, too, you will vibrate at a higher rate and so begin to thin the veil that keeps you so in ignorance of the true glory that is yours. 

My brothers and sisters, the veil is thinning.  It is beginning to fade so that more of that which is around you is becoming more visible, more accessible to you.  The rhythms of this planet are rapidly changing.  The frequency of vibration is becoming more rapid.  Therefore you must attune your souls to the new frequency.  It is vital that you do this.

Humankind as you know it cannot survive the new energies without adapting to these higher frequencies.  This is a necessity brought on by the entrance of the planet into this new photon belt.  You will feel yourselves floating as if in a sea of mist.  And notice how deeply you are immersed in this mist.  The mist is all-encompassing.  The only way to deal with the mist is to become the mist.  

As the mist is composed of droplets of water in a sea of air, so must you expand your atomic structure as if it were in a sea of air.  “Atomos and the void” – as Democritus said – and so it is that you must expand your natures to accommodate the oncoming mist – to become like the mist.  For if you compact yourself you will be defeated by the mist.  Only expansion can accommodate the mist.  Expansion of heart and soul as truly you are – as you were created – expansive and free, accommodating all as you are one of the All.  So this expansion is necessary for what is to come.  

Give your hearts and souls completely to God -- the One from which we all came and which unites us all.  And immersed in the power of the All allow yourself to expand, to vibrate at the higher frequencies that are coming, to acclimate to your new environment, to dwell with higher vision and deeper understanding, to see more clearly through the thinning veil.  All this is coming, all this is necessary, all this is soon.  

I urge you to prepare yourselves, to focus more deeply than ever upon who you are and attune yourselves with the ever changing, ever creating, ever beautiful universe.  Unite your energies to face this common force.  We are guiding your planet and will keep you from all harm.  Follow our guidance, do not be afraid.  

All is Love, and Love is All.  Understand.  We love you and bring peace and love and the power of others who inhabit this planet.  Keep watch.  Follow our guidance.

Message channeled July 20, 2002
© Karen A. Shaffer 2013 (may be freely disseminated).
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Mother Earth is awakening

Mother Earth is awakening

Mother Earth is awakening from her slumber.  Now is the day of the great renewal.  Now is the day that Mother trembles and shakes and gives birth and brings forth new life.  

From the heart-springs within her flows the waters of life, that effervescent, luminous effulgence that is the oasis, that is the heart of hearts, that indwells every human heart and is merged into the one great heart that beats for all.  

We see the greening of Mother Earth – the passing away of all forms and things that pollute her or that are disrespectful to her.  

Each morning when you get up, speak to Mother Earth.  Tell her, “Mother I am placing my foot upon you today.  I am walking across you.  I am sitting upon you.  I am held in your arms.  I am your child and together we awaken together the Mother and all her children.”  

So all those places where people pay homage – all the sacred places that pinpoint the Earth, that have been blessed by the Great Ones and who are ever blessed by the friends and lovers of God – are now awakening.  They are like power generators and they shall heal everyone and everything and make all things whole.  

Aum Shanti, Shanti, Amen. Shalom.

Pray for the healing of the Earth, and all the people on the planet, all the creatures on the planet, all the plants and trees, all the wildlife and sea life.  

Let White Light encircle the Earth and make the Earth new.

Connect us with the crystalline heart of the Earth that we too may know and see the crystalline beauty within each and every being and attune ourselves to the heartbeat of the universe -- so deeply may we be blessed.

Message channeled by Tejas and Karen August 22, 2010
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013.  May be freely disseminated.
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There is a Wheel of Eternity...

There is a Wheel of Eternity . . .

I am White Eagle. 

There is a Wheel of Eternity that foreshadows all that is to come.  It rotates steadily in the winds of time.  Yet there is No Time.  Time diminishes as the wheel rotates in season.  It cannot miss a season yet it is for All Time.

This riddle is forever in your heads for it is an aspect in the universe of time that is No Time.  

Placed in this illusion you do not know which way to turn and yet the turning is inevitable for the wheel continues its rotation and marks the progress of the spheres in their ever-unfolding evolution as was foretold.  You can see through time into the spacious heavens and there notice there is No Time.  

What you see is an illusion.  What you feel is only the base of it.  You cannot see beyond the stars that shine so brightly in your illusive world.  

Take stock of what you remember . . . that which you know within you in the deepest recesses of your heart and there find the stillness of throbbing life.  The Light within you shines brighter and brighter and within you sense that Holy Light –   that primitive early Light in which all began.  

And there know who you are and where you came from for it is in the Light that the Truth lies deeply within your soul.   

Stay with the Light and let it bear you up into the Truth you seek, into the Light everlasting that goes beyond Time, that knows No Time.  

And there be still and know that I Am is God.

There rest your heart in the ever-present waves of Eternity that flow through your soul in every dimension.  Be washed in a flood of Light and walk into Eternal Bliss where there is no time but only Light and Love – the Love that springs from the very beginning and spreads throughout the Universe – the Love that creates, the Love that maintains, the Love that destroys, the Love that is Now and Forever.  

See it in the Light.  
Know it in the Light.  
Be it in the Light.  
For it is Everlasting.

Message channeled April 7, 2012
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013. May be freely disseminated.

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The Breath of Light
The Breath of Light

I am White Eagle.

The human body is but a flash of lightning.  It is but a Flash of Light that wings its way through space like the fireflies whose breath is a beam of light.  

Light comes from the Breath – the First Breath that brought all into creation.  So that Light – each Breath of Light – is a symbol of Life, the Life which sustains the human body until once again it diminishes into that breathless night that brings it once again into the Light.  

For the Light is everlasting and though you see it flashing in the firefly, it is but a reminder of the Breath of Life.  How transient it is, yet how simple and light, dancing in space, moving with the breeze, lifted by the air from which it gains its sustenance.  The Breath of Life beams Light to every corner.  

Remember this:  The Light is the Breath of Life on which all else proceeds.

Dance.  Dance in the wind.  Listen to the breath within you.  Feel it rise and fall.  Feel its Light within you that you may know that Light is Life.  And on that Beam of Light, you shall ride into Eternity unafraid of what is to come, wholly at peace with the Light and Life within you, the Light and Life that sustains you, the Breath of Life that moves you.  It is forever golden, uplifting, buoying you ever higher to remembering who you are and where you belong.

No one can force you to see the Light, yet those who are aware can see the Light and they will know the path within that leads to more and ever-increasing Light so that every breath you take becomes a Beam of Light, lighting the way for others to follow, lighting and guiding the Way Within.

Take deep breaths and own the Light.  Know that the Light is yours.  You are the Light of the World and with each breath remember your sacred calling to Be the Light.

Light the Light Within with the Breath of Life – and Life Everlasting is yours.  You are home free when all the Light surrounds you within and without.  And you know in your heart of hearts – You Are the Light – dancing in a world of Light that makes no pretense to be anything other than the Light.  The Light within you is pure.  Believe in the Light.  Make it your own and send forth Light forever from your heart of hearts.

Sing of the Light 
Speak of the Light
Know the Light
Be the Light for the Light is yours. 
You are the Light.

We are all One – in the Light.

Message channeled June 20, 2011
© 2013 Karen A. Shaffer.  May be freely disseminated.

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The flame of Cosmic Consciousness

The flame of cosmic consciousness

I am White Eagle.
Say this to my people.

How many times in the history of humanity have we witnessed turmoil, discouragement and disheartening events that bring us abruptly to the brink of destruction?  Too many times has this happened and now the planet faces transformation for it is the only way out of the hell humanity has experienced for centuries of disillusionment.  

The illusion must pass and in order to make it pass you must lift up your hearts and your minds and your souls to higher ground.  You must look out over the ocean of life and the sea of turmoil and lift yourself above it, understanding that the ocean and sea that you behold are but illusions in the mystery of life.  

There is nothing but consciousness – that is the true reality and to re-member that consciousness that merges you with the One and the All is the task presently at hand.  

Raising your consciousness will dispel the illusion that spreads out before you in the ocean of unhappiness and disarray that you perceive but all that will dissolve in the mist of time as time itself will dissolve when you raise your consciousness to be at one with the cosmic energy, with the One and the All.  

Take time to breathe in the higher air, the lighter atoms of your nature, the true constitution of your self, that you may understand and know fully the truth of who you are.  

Your inheritance lies waiting for you.  It is but a matter of raising the veil, of spinning out the tale into the greater story of consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness that became manifest and now must re-manifest as its true self.  There is no other way to dissolve the cruel illusion you are experiencing.  

Humankind has yet to learn its true origins.  The saints come and go to alert you to the Truth, yet few heed the cosmic message they bring to Earth.  Pure inner study yields results for within is the key to the Kingdom, to that which beholds you that you wish most earnestly to behold.  

You cannot see if you but use your Earthly eyes, but if you use your cosmic vision, you will see All and know All.  For we are All – all One, One with the All.  And cosmic vision will lift you to that holy sight wherein the Truth can be perceived and all will be revealed.  

No sacrifice can be too great to attain this vision, this release of the illusion that holds you in its grip.  Humankind can release the hand that grasps it and keeps it within delusion.  Tap the inner self and open the hand that would restrain you.  

Mount to the higher places.  Allow your energy to rise and so with that, your consciousness too.  And behold the Cosmic Truth, the rapture of True Being, of Non-Being, of being Light and Love and Rapture and Joy.  Being enfolded in the greatest harmony and beauty for which your soul longs.  

Reunite your consciousness with all that is – lift yourself above that which is petty and mercurial and weighs you down.  Free the hand that holds you.  Unchain yourself and bring yourself to a higher level.  

Allow yourself to float ever higher to the realm of pure consciousness and there Know the Truth, Be the Truth, See the Truth and forever be transformed and so, too, the Earth and all within it.  

Set your sights high and never let go of that vision of pure consciousness, of Light Divine, of untold rapture for it is yours by inheritance, it is yours to claim.  

Lift yourself up and all the world will come with you, for we are all One, and Eternal Oneness is in the Flame of Cosmic Consciousness.  

We are all One.  

We are all One.  

Message channeled January 28, 2010
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013.  May be freely disseminated.
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The world is expanding

The world is expanding

I am White Eagle.
Say this to my brothers and sisters on Earth.  

The world is expanding at an incredible rate, incredible to humans and perhaps surprising to us.  And yet the expansion of the Earth is all part of the Divine plan for all beings to expand and take in more light until each one is truly the “Light of the World.”  For the world is truly in need of expansion in thought, in mind and heart and soul.  

Expansion brings enlightenment, illumination, welcoming the new Earth and the new light that will shine forth from each and every one.  No one will be left out.  For we remain as we have been and always will be – all One.  The energy that moves me is in you and so we are all energized and motivated by the One Great Force – the Divine Will, Holy Compassion, moving through every cell of your body motivating your every thought, word, deed.  

Every heart shall rise to the occasion of great enlightenment.  Every heart shall see a new world – one no longer motivated by greed or fear or misunderstanding but one illumined by the Light, tossing upon the waves of magnetic energy, waves of peace and love and glory, waves of rapture and true happiness, waves of holiness, of compassion and love.  

Humankind will no longer walk in darkness but always and continually in the Light – a Light which will mark their footsteps – each step a token of wisdom and true understanding, each thought a divine thought, each word-holy, each touch adorned with compassion, each heart pumping with joy, lips wreathed with laughter, eyes twinkling with kindness.  

The softness of scent wafting in the breeze will bring us all to our senses.  Our sense of a higher order that rules all things, that brings all to justice and right thinking, that animates our prayers and thanksgiving, that honors each one as a part of the whole.  Truly, we are all One. 

And so as the Earth rises and expands, that truth dawns in the hearts of every living creature.  All beings will be infused with this great Truth and understand at last what it means to live in harmony with the Divine.  Each one will know “The Truth.”  They shall behold the Truth and they shall live the Truth for then we shall all BE the Truth, joined in the Light of Love everlasting.  

The ocean of Love is upon us.  The sea of changes will bring waves of happiness, of rejoicing for the New Earth – born again, recreated once again in the image of God – wholly Divine, wholly loved, pure and unsullied, golden in the sky, a beacon of love for all the Universe to behold.  

So comes the New Earth.  So comes the new life that spreads out before you in waves of everlasting glory and love eternal.  

Hold to this vision.  Keep to this peace.  Let no one move you aside in your vision.   Hold to the Truth, See the Truth, Know the Truth, BE the Truth!  For you are the hope of the world and the world is the hope of the Universe.  

Be thankful for all you are given.  This time is precious in all of history, in all of Time – this Time is different!  It is all new and we are all new – through you!  Create again this Masterpiece of Light – Make it Shine!  Make it Shine!  Make it Shine!

Message channeled December 15, 2010
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013.  May be freely disseminated.

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The icing on the cake is melting

The icing on the cake is melting

I am White Eagle.

The icing on the cake is melting.  You ask why the cake is crumbling.  The ice is melting faster than even the scientists have imagined.  It is the age of Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, and the Earth is becoming the water-bearer – water that purifies all , that washes all within its path, that makes everything clean.  There is nothing it does not touch, nothing it cannot lift up from the land, root and all.  The land is thus purified and made whole once again.  

And so too the Spirit of the Waters sweeps over every soul, marking the new beginning for each and every one.  Each person shall begin anew, clean of all imperfections, wholly arrayed in the Light that the waterfall has revealed.   

The Light just is a gleam in a bubble of water.  The water reflects the light.  And so you are all beads of water, lined up one by one, all reflecting the Light – the Light is in you, it is around you, it radiates out of you.  

Water is the key.  It is the pearl of origination.  It is the essence of creation.   Water, the first element.  In a bead of water, all life is contained.  There you find all that is necessary for life.  Water assumes any shape.  It is wholly malleable yet it is completely powerful for its essence is the breath of life. 

For in that Bubble of Light all humanity is like a string of beads – a pearl necklace, each one perfect in and of itself, each one radiating perfection, the Light of perfection, the Light of holiness, the Light of wholeness and each is connected to the other.  Not one pearl is missing on the string of beads.  Each one is counted.  Each one is independently rounded and molded to perfection by the Divine Creator, the Divine Hand that moves all, creates all, molds all in its own image.

Therefore be like beads of light.  Reflect the water within, the essence of life, the beauty of life.  Let that be reflected outward.  That iridescent light glow comes from each perfected bead of water.  

Lift up your hearts, lift up your heads and see what is before you.  Reverence the water, the symbol of all life, the essence of life, the perfection of life, the holiness of life, the Light everlasting reflected with such perfection – so too you are!  

Hold that pearl in the palm of your hand, bless it, remember it is holy.  It is you.  It is all humanity.  It is all life.  It is all that is, all that was and all that ever shall be.  

Come then and be of the water, blessed and purified and made holy, within and without.  See your reflection in the Light that shines within.  Speak now.  Be holy.  Now.  Bless you, my child, bless you.  Amen.

Message channeled August 25, 2010
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013.  May be freely disseminated.
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Unlike any transformation

Unlike any transformation the Earth has ever seen

I am White Eagle.
Say this to my people.  

We are in the midst of transformation unlike any transformation the Earth has ever seen.  There is no guide for this transformation for it is being created as we go along.  There is no template because there is no precedent.  You are setting the precedent.  

You who are currently upon the Earth in physical form are setting the pace and the temper of the new life that is dawning within you.  There is no future beyond that which you are creating at this very moment.  

Only the present moment is alive with possibilities and in those possibilities you must now dwell more fully than ever before for there you will create that which is to come, that which is to be, for another Age yet to unfold.  

Harmony, convergence of set vibrations bring together a world of possibilities far beyond your current imagining and yet you are imagining what the future will be.  

The power of love to overcome all obstacles is now in its glory for the future must be met in the vision with joy and confidence and loving imagination.  There can be no fear or doubt or worry to block your fondest imaginings.  Nothing but the greatest possibilities are before you.  

Approach with wonder and awe and loving attention to each new development as it unfolds before you and within you.  Look within to the magic door that opens you to all possibilities, that brings you to the feet of God, that showers you with Light, the Light of all Creation that shines forth within you – the very substance of which you are made, which indeed fulfills all Creation.  

The magic of wondrous things unfolds before you – worlds yet unknown, worlds yet unfilled.  Dreams to spangle the heavens with new stars, with new life, with new possibilities – all lies before you, unfolding as if in some great parade, some star-spangled vision of heavenly delights, of simple pleasures, of greatest imaginings.  

Let these worlds unfold before you and within you, for you shall surely see the Light and know, too, the possibilities that are within to create the world yet to be imagined.  

Light the wick of your imaginings.  Let the candle within glow white hot with infinite desire for that which is holy, for that which is perfect, for that which is Divine.  Seek to know the Oneness that unifies all things and from which all things are created.  Let nothing stand in your way of the highest and broadest imaginings.  

Let the nobility of your soul shine forth, creating a new Earth resplendent in the Light, glowing with possibilities of your imaginings.  

Imagine Love all around you, filling you with glowing Light, that you may be a lamp held high for all who know you so that they can follow the Light and know too the Light that shines within.  

Gleam on!  The brightness that is your own soul burning forth.  Yes, you are Light!  We are all Light!  God is Light!  We are the Light!  Let it shine!  Let it shine!  Let it shine! 

Stay with the Light. Hold onto the Light.  Never lose sight of the Light.  It will lead the way.  

Hold high the torch for others to follow.  The Light within is inextinguishable.  Let it Glow!  Let it Burn.  Let it Create – a new eternity for that which you know as the Earth and all the creatures therein, all the life it holds.  

Bring forth and create with bold imaginings of the highest vibration so shall you be transformed and so shall the Earth know a new life.  

Watch carefully.  Watch for the changing of the Guardians of the Light.  Recognize new faces, new energies, new vibrations.  Welcome them into your hearts.  Understand the wisdom that they bring.  

Follow.  Follow the Light.  Follow the Light.  Follow the Light.  

Bless you, my child.  We are all One.  Bless you!

Message channeled June 26, 2010
Lunar Eclipse
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013. May be freely disseminated.
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Earth and humanity's fate are one

Earth and humanity’s fate are one

I am White Eagle.

All your concerns regarding the changing of the Earth are valid as so much is due to change.  We cannot express how drastically Earth life will change.  Nor can we say for certain how long the process will take.  In your terms, it is longer than in our terms.  

You see, there is a crystal ball within each one of us.  It is our antenna attuned to the Earth and all her moods.  We are so tied to the Earth that her fate is our own and yet humankind has ignored all the messages coming from the Earth in the last hundred years.  

Humankind has wantonly used her resources, shamefully destroyed her forests, her wild animals, her seas – her natural ways and beauty have been devastated by humankind.  

Humankind has failed to understand its connectedness with the Earth and by seeing the Earth as other than humankind, it has divorced itself from its fate.  Humankind does not acknowledge that the Earth and humanity’s fate are one and the same.  

There is no sequential way out of this dilemma.  Only quantum leaps can bring you to fulfillment joining the Cosmic Consciousness that connects the One with the All.  

Vehicles are provided for this transition.  Various means of meditation, spiritual practices, are poking holes into the Cosmic Consciousness, opening ways for others to follow so that we all may ascend to the fourth dimension and beyond.  

The Earth can no longer survive in the third dimension.  It must change or lose its life.  And so must we all.  

The reality is that no life is lost.  Life goes on and human and cosmic consciousness, as the two are intertwined, and the Earth consciousness, too, will rise and change.  

Where is the Keeper of the Cosmic Consciousness?  You shall see the Truth.  You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.  

Message channeled April 8, 2010
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013.  May be freely disseminated.
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