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The Handshake of Humanity with Humanity
The Handshake of Humanity With Humanity
Armistice Day 100th Anniversary
I am White Eagle.

Centuries of bodies lie in graves too soon rendered.  By the vast avarice of mankind.  And what do you say to that?  “Peace, Peace, Let us have Peace!”

No, that is not the way.  The road to Peace is very different.  It is an inner thinking, an inner feeling, an inner sense of Oneness with All That Is.  There you will find peace – the peace that was meant to be, the peace that you all are striving for.

“Peace, peace, there is no peace!” you cry.  And yet — there is—peace within your souls.  How can I describe it?  A warmth of heart, the touch of compassion, the heart of sympathy — symbols of empathy — kindness writ large.  There is peace in these things. 

You carry with you a banner of love that spreads out across the world.  That banner of love is fired with your imagination.  Imagine!  What it really is to love your neighbor.  Imagine what it is to care deeply about each other.  Imagine what it is to laugh together, to share joy and hope and friendship.  Imagine what it is to be ALIVE to the Spirit that animates you. 

Seek in the depths of your Being the way of the Light and the Truth.  Let compassion be your guide and then light a parade of torches that light up the world.  Sing of Joy!  Life everlasting!  Of Love overcoming all.  Of the resilience of the human heart, the magnificence of the human soul.

Build your home with Love.  And place in it your heart, your ever-caring, ever-loving heart of hearts.  There shall you dwell in peace and honor and kindness with one another.

Yes, there will be peace one day!  When we are all One, gathered in the circle of Love, projecting good will to one and all, knowing deep in our hearts that we are All One.  Carrying forward a profound sense of our true nature, a profound sense of our universal origin, the powerful love that surrounds us all, the magnificent Creation that sustains us all.  The fully cognizant mind that stretches out with no limits.

No love can surpass this, for it is the Love of the All.  And the Peace that passes understanding shall be yours.

“Seek and ye shall find.”  And so you shall!  Offer unto the Lord a new song—one of rapture, of love, of joy, of well-being.  The wholesome goodness of all that we are and ever have been.  You do not mind my stopping here to remind you of all that is great and good inside the human heart. 

Yes, you may remember wars, those who fought in various wars, but they are not dead!  They are alive to the Truth, quickened in the Spirit and fully aware of the need for peace upon this planet.  They understand the sacrifice they have made and have renewed their hearts to come again and remind us all that Peace is meant for the human soul, that awareness of that peace transcends all other considerations.

There is no peace but in Love.  Love is the answer but it must be REAL.  We must ACT upon it!  Affirming its power to heal, to erase the mistakes of the past, to console and to consolidate the gains of the present toward everlasting brotherhood.  The handshake of humanity with humanity, the acknowledgment that we are all One, the sympathy that understands the human heart and walks beside all those who falter on this incredible journey.

Welcome!  Dear Ones, Welcome!  We are All One and in that Oneness is our Hope and salvation.  May peace and peace and peace be with you and throughout the Earth. 

I am White Eagle.  Hear me.  Our Love is before you and will lead you ever on.  Follow in my footsteps.  Seek the Joy that is yours and Love all who come upon your path.

So be it, dear one, so be it.
Peace be unto you.
So be it.

Message channeled Armistice Day 100th Anniversary, November 11, 2018
©Karen A. Shaffer 2018 (may be freely disseminated)

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The War Is Over
The War Is Over

I am White Eagle.

This war will not last.  It is over.  All the fears that have generated the chaos and disorder, that have so scarred your planet, will soon dissipate.

For the law of Divine Order enables you to set it aright by sending forth the love in your hearts, tears in your eyes, the light in your minds—send it forth, all of it!  

Yes, you weep for humanity and for the planet and yes, your heart cries—cries out for freedom to love.  Your mind sets itself against the wind and bids it stop.  

The play is slowing down.  The desperation is only here for awhile.  “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of”—and so it is.  The prayers of the Lightworkers have been heard and so the Earth shall turn toward the Light.  The planet shall reside in a new dimension.  Humanity shall overcome its own waywardness.  Its trajectory will be straight—straight to the heart of God—the Divine magic that moves this world and all who dwell upon it.

You cannot say “Peace” here and “Peace” there without knowing there is an Eternal Peace— a Peace within you that will never die.  Take that Peace and project it outward on all you meet.  Let Love surround each encounter with one another and that alone will light the world with Charity, with Bliss, with Everlasting Light.

Can you not see the truth of this?  I tell you, the war is over.  It is ended.  For the war has been within you and as that chaos diminishes, so too will the world settle down and the Earth will become all that it can be—a planet of Love and Light that shines for all the Universe to see, that opens other worlds to others, that brings steadiness to the songs of the stars, that brings salvation to all who hear the heartbeat of the Earth, the groundswell of Love, the perpetual beam of Light that stretches far beyond your imagining.

So now Think Peace and Be at Peace, for this Peace is upon you—NOW.  And forever shall it shine from heart to heart, life to life, planet to planet, star to star.  Take heed of what I say.  This world is not for you to destroy, but to Love and Live again.

Foster its beauty, its inner strength, its inner life, by strengthening your own, your own inner intelligence, your own heart that beats with love, your own mind that perceives the Light.

Let it SHINE!

The war is over.  Time now to be at peace, now and forever.

May peace and peace and peace be everywhere and always with you.

Bless you, my child, bless you.
So be it.

Message channeled July 18, 2016
©Karen A. Shaffer 2016 (may be freely disseminated)
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Willing Peace

Willing Peace

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I am White Eagle.                                                                                                                                       

No matter where you go or what you propose to do, all the Earth is in alignment with your wishes.  

You cannot say “Peace here” and “Peace there” without acknowledging the force of your own free will.

There is no counter that can overcome Love.  There is no measure to counteract a Loving Will for Peace.  There is no higher law; no greater universe of finer principles than this.

Your Loving Will for Peace makes all the difference.  Manifestation of Peace requires your concentrated energy, your self-directed Will focused like a laser upon the desire of your heart.  Peace for all humanity.  Peace for all the world and all living creatures that abide within it.  

Stretch out your hearts to those who yearn for Peace.  The compassion within your heart will transform the world.  You cannot predict what outcome there will be but we promise Peace will come.  Set your sights on Love above all and Peace within and Peace without.

Notice the willingness of your hearts to reach out to those who yearn for Peace and beg for your compassion, who offer prayers to Allah, to the God of their dreams.  We are all ONE.  There is only One Creator.  Love is the shining impulse that moves the Heart of all Creation.

Do not offer mere crumbs; offer your whole hearts to those in need of love, who want reassurance, who treasure peace within their heart of hearts.  Reach out.  Let Love encircle ALL.  For humanity is ONE and we are ALL ONE.

There is no fear that cannot be overcome by Love.  All hearts are stirred by Love and compassion.  All humans are moved by Love.  It is Love which animates us ALL.  

The Light you see, the Light you give to the world, comes from Love.  It radiates from your whole being, from your heart of hearts, from the very core of your hidden self.  The very central core of the Earth, the Heart that beats within us all, the Breath of all Creation, the Strength of all Love will overcome all discord and bring Harmony and Peace within all.

Spread the word far and wide.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  And Love your God above all — the God of Love, the Allah of Creation, the Universal Om of all Life.  

Reach out to all who seek your ardor, to all who seek the embrace of Love and laughter and joy, to all who yearn for kindness.  Reach out and touch them with your love.  Stretch out your arms and welcome them in.  For they are YOU and you are THEY.  There is no difference.  We are all ONE AND THE SAME.  Made of the same stuff.  The same cosmic dust that created you and me has created ALL and ONE, ONE and ALL.

We are all ONE.  Reach out!  It is to yourselves that you are reaching.  Understand as you embrace others, you embrace yourself and all the world with it.  Open your arms, open your hearts, open your minds to all the possibilities and glory of Love that surrounds you each moment.  There is no glory like to that of Divine Love.

Seek and you will find it deep within your heart of hearts, in the very core of your being.  Seek!  Find it!  There is the treasure.  Let it spill out to all the world.  The world is in need of your Love.  All creation yearns for you to open the hidden treasure.  Embrace all that is.  Ground yourself in the Light.

Seek always the Divine Light and Let it SHINE!  Far and Wide.  Into the hopeless hearts of all humanity.

All life rejoices in the sterling hope of Love.  Open the treasure box.  Let it flow.  Let it flow in the Light of Compassion, in the overriding sense of Love that wings it on its way.  

Let there be no doubt.  Strengthen your Will — Will to have Peace.  Will to be Love.  Will to be Peace and within the Light of all compassion there will be Peace, there is Peace, now and forever.

Open your heart of hearts.  Do not hold back.  All Love is yours, all Life is yours.  Let it out to all Creation. Therein lies the kernel of Peace.  You can make it grow.  Claim your power.  How mighty you are!  NOW is the TIME!  For Peace to overflow the planet in the Divine surge of Love.  

Do not resist.  Join the flow.  Be part of the flow.  Claim the flow.  WILL the flow to be yours, from your heart of hearts, into the heart of all Creation.  Now and forever, let there be peace and Love overflowing from heart to heart in the kingdom that is yet to be.

So be it.

Bless you, my child.  Bless you.

Message channeled January 18, 2016
©Karen A. Shaffer 2016 (may be freely disseminated)

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The Hope and Plea of Humanity
The Hope and Plea of Humanity
I am White Eagle.

From time immemorial when Indians were native to this land, all were welcome to these shores.  They did not grieve for their homeland but looked steadily forward to the promise of this land.  

Hope was what they built on. Hope was what they clung to.  HOPE.  It is one of the blessed things in the human heart for it is hope that drives us on, that keeps us looking for a better life, for a more wholesome atmosphere, for a more winsome smile upon the activities of human life.  

People ask: “Is it true?  Is there truly a place where liberty prevails, where freedom reigns, where I can be myself — dream my dreams and watch them come to fruition among the holy altar of peace, for it is in peace that all things are made possible.  I would have walked a thousand miles, I would have walked across the seas to have a chance — a chance to be me.”

Life unfolds in all its peculiar ways.  We cannot foresee the future, yet the future is ours if we but claim it.  “I have a chance to be well.  I have a chance to be whole.  I have a chance to be who I truly am.”  And this is the chance of LIFE.  Hope stirs within the human breast for that ONE CHANCE — the chance to be who we know we truly are.

Migration toward peace is the hope that keeps us going.  We cannot move toward war for our families are torn apart.  We move toward peace and hope.

The hopes of the human heart are inextinguishable though our burdens remain heavy.  We have a bias toward LIFE.  And that hope within us is the spark that keeps us going — ever onward toward fulfillment of that dream.  

The flame that burns within us is eternal.  That which scars our hearts IS extinguishable.  We can overcome the cruelty of human nature.  We can be all that we were truly meant to be.  We can be whole.  We can be wholesome.  We can be real.  We can survive.  We can live our dreams.  We can see the future as a dream of peace that is real in our hearts, our minds, our souls.  That dream must come.  No matter what barriers lie in our way, that dream must come.

We are indomitable.  Hear our voice.  Answer our plea.  Walk with us.  See us as we truly are.  Know that we are not afraid.  We are part of you and you are a part of us.  We are inseparable.  

We are humanity in all its richness and flow and that which we know and love, we share, for the human heart is ONE — in all its goodness, in all its kindness, in all its joy, we are all One.

Recognize this oneness in us ALL.  
We are One.  
Be One with us and know we are all One.

May peace be with you, now and forever.
So be it. 

Message channeled November 24, 2015
© Karen A. Shaffer 2015 (may be freely disseminated)


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There WILL be peace . . .
There WILL be peace . . . 
No matter how disappointed you are in the election results, it has opened possibilities you do not see.  But time will tell in the end the story of a gigantic turn in all public affairs — where humans gather together to create a new world order — one that is free of vice and open to all possibilities, one that opens the eyes of all to a new world of possibilities — of real hope for humankind and for the trajectory of the Earth.  

You cannot see it now but it will come.  And these events are but a precursor of a new world beyond your imagining.  

Let me say that there WILL be peace, there WILL be cooperation, there WILL be healing of all the Earth and all the creatures that dwell upon it.  

You have no idea how profoundly the Lightworkers have changed the world, how fully enlightened you are, and how far advanced you have become in just a flash of an eye.  

You have no concept that can override your dimensional focus.  You cannot see how vastly things have changed — and how deeply transformed the energy of the planet is.

Wait awhile and you will see what is now so profoundly obscured.  

The Light is upon you.  No darkness can cover it.  

All will be well and all will be well and all will be well.  This I assure you.

I am White Eagle.

Message channeled November 5, 2014
©Karen A.  Shaffer 2014 (may be freely disseminated)

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Peace is written in every heart
Peace is written in every heart 

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I am White Eagle.
I bid you say this to my people.

No war is worth the energy you expend on it for it is the opposite of where you need to be.  Love is the only answer.  It is the only bridge that spans the great divide from one human being to another, from God to man and man to God. 

Human arrogance plays a part in the desire for war or intervention in wars already begun.  How little you ken, how little you understand the true mechanism for peace which lies not in defeat of the enemy but in salving the wounds that come of age-old hurts and struggles, falsely perceived insults – all seemingly create an excuse for war yet in reality there is no excuse.  

There is no way out of the hell of war once begun.  It is a long, cold road back toward any peace.  

Yet peace is written in every heart and there is it found, not on the battlefield but in the surging hope of the human heart.  There is the longing for peace and the key to peace.  For there is no peace but that which comes with self-knowledge, with true contact with the reality that lies within and beyond.  And the human heart is the doorway to that peace.  It holds the longing that eventually turns the key and unlocks the door that leads to true peace, inner peace, the peace from which all else – all harmony, all love, all peace radiates.  

Look within – there is the peace you seek – and that is the peace that stops all wars, that makes all war rise to insignificance, that dissolves it in a sea of Love.  

War is not the answer.  The only bridge out of war lies within the human heart.  No one can construct that bridge because it is already there.  It is a matter of unlocking the gate within.  Peace swells the human heart once the key is turned and leaps forth in joy, laughter, and great-heartedness and eternal love.  

Why seek war when these are your gifts?  The gift of every human heart.  The gift that heals, the gift that lifts up your souls into the heart of God.  There is no greater peace – no greater love abounds.  This alone serves.  

How do you make peace?  Peace is not made.  You become peace when you lift up your eyes and connect with the ever-loving Being of Peace that connects you with God.  Unity in peace.  The supreme unity, the supreme union, surpasses all else.  

What need for war when man is peace?  Now, be peace and make that peace shine before all concerned and they, too, shall know to look for peace within the cabinet of their hearts.  

Peace is a bridge to understanding.  Walk across the bridge.  You will be rewarded for there is nothing to compare with God’s peace.  No more wars.  No more wars.  Only peace.  Let there be peace.  

I am White Eagle. This is my message.  So be it.

Message channeled June 21, 2009
©Karen A. Shaffer 2014 (may be freely disseminated)

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Walk softly upon the surface of the Earth
Walk softly upon the surface of the Earth
I am White Eagle.

We do not live to serve ourselves.  We serve at the pleasure of God.  Therefore all acts must be in accordance with God’s will.  Nothing can be outside God’s will for it is God’s pleasure to grant us free will.  But that free will ultimately leads to God’s own pleasure.  

Therefore, walk softly upon the surface of the Earth.  Tread lightly through the pine needles and understand that all your devotion belongs solely to God.  Whatever the Earth may do, however it may evolve, it is all in accordance with God’s will for nothing can be outside of that.  

Ultimately, we are all free — free within the loving arms of God, wholly embraced, wholly active according to the First Principle which is Love.  You can take no steps outside of this dominion which is God’s alone.  All things belong to God.  

When all is said and done, we are free only because God wills it, yet within that Will Divine, we are fully encompassed and embraced in a circle of light and love that will endure forever.  

There is no amount of effort that will bring you home to this loving Light as you are already there, dwelling within the Light and Love of God.  Whether you know it or not, whether you are aware of it or not, whether you see it or not, such is the true reality in which we live and have our Being.  Do not shy away from this truth for it lies in the heart of our Being, written on the tabula rasa of our hearts.  

We cannot know our end fully.  Only God knows.  Yet God’s loving energy embraces all — all that we are and all that is and all that ever will be — and in this reassurance we have our Being safe and secure within the knowledge of that love. 

No fear can penetrate it, no violence can usurp it — it is invisible — and yet — omnipresent in all our lives.  There is nowhere you can go without it surrounding and penetrating every last particle of Being.

Do not contemplate the fragility of your nature, but instead meditate with your whole Being until you are one with this beautiful light and love of God that streams forth from the heavens and into every atom and cell of your Being.

Rejoice! for you are whole within the love of God.  Nothing exceeds the Love of God.  All is enfolded in it.  All is whole, complete, perfect, at peace within the Love of God.  Stay – be at peace – in God’s loving light.  

It is peace like no other — full and complete, pure and holy, wondrous and beautiful, wholly fulfilling — the Divine Love of God.

Let peace and peace and peace be everywhere.  So it is with you.  

So be it.  Bless you, my child.  Bless you.

Message channeled Saturday, July 24, 2010
© Karen A. Shaffer 2010 (may be freely disseminated)
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Follow the Stream of Love and Light
Follow the Stream of Love and Light

I am White Eagle.

The majority of people desire peace but there is a strong minority that wishes for war, seeks Armageddon, revels in conflict, and has no sense of the meaning of peace.  

Those of you who care for peace must lift up your hearts and minds to follow the stream of Love and Light that will move you to the next dimension.  You will be carried upon the stream, lifted over all hurdles, called upon to act wholly within the stream of Love and Light.  

You will acknowledge all that you know deep within your hearts to be the Truth, and as witnesses to the Truth, you will lead all humankind to the higher reaches.  You will see beyond your current limitations of sight and sound and truly begin to witness the unfolding of higher worlds to your inner vision so that at last you will Know the Truth and Be the Truth and See the Truth.  

There is no higher mission than this — than that you put your minds and hearts to this end — to follow the Light, to be the Light, to honor the Light within you and within every human being you meet and every creature upon the earth and every plant, every tree and every drop of water, to see the unity of all things — the One in the All.  Now and forever together, unified, whole, substantial in the Light, holy within and holy without, the essence of Beauty, the essence of Being, soaring into the atmosphere of pure Love and Light.  

There can be no higher calling than this — that you keep within the Light, cherish the Light and hold it in the core of your Being that you may be a Lamp for all to see, for all to follow, for all who yearn for the Light Within.  

There is no separateness.  To think that you are separate is an illusion.  We are all One.  

Oneness is the recognition of who we truly are.  The beauty of this is in the living of it.  The inner glow of wholeness and rightness.  The inner glow of Truth that can no longer be hidden under a bushel — but must shine forth into the world.  

Purity of intention, purity of heart, purity of mind and soul lead you inexorably to your new destiny.  

Glow with the Fire Divine.

Message channeled April 22, 2010
©Karen A. Shaffer 2010 (may be freely disseminated)

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You must BE peace

You must be peace

I am White Eagle. 
Say this to my people – 

May peace be upon you.  Do not long for peace.  You must be peace.  You must offer yourself as Peace.  You must make a bonfire of love and let it burn brightly for all the world to see.  The flame of peace will orbit the earth, arising from that fire.  Every tent will be lit with the fire for peace and no war shall ensue but only peace may come upon them.

Stoke the fire, raise it high.  Lift it up.  Let the sparks fly.  Follow the sparks, for they have sparks of wisdom and truth that fly into every heart and every mind that will receive them.  Let them fly with arrows of intent to meet their mark, to impress upon each sentient being the necessity for peace.  

Do not be overwhelmed.  This fire is passionate and intense and it will burn no one.  It will fire the desire for peace and immolate the weapons of war.  It will inhabit every heart and every mind and every soul.  

Make the arrow straight.  Let it fly.  Let the point meet its mark.  And may the message it bears penetrate every atom of your being until no other message burns as brilliantly as the light and love that rises up from that fire, for the fire is Divine.  It comes from the One, the One Great Spirit, wholly Divine, completely pure.  

Singe your hearts with the coals of this fire.  The burning embers purify all.  And may that growing light within ignite a fire within you so great that all the world will see and it too will catch on fire!  Like lightning, let this message move through the earth and strike all within its path.  

There is but one Divine Mind and we within that Mind are all One.  There is no separation.  We are all one. The fire that lights and burns within each heart and soul and mind is the same fire in the Divine Mind. That fire lights all – all that is and all that ever will be.  The fire makes no distinctions.  The fire penetrates all.  It reduces all to ashes.  It raises up the phoenix again that lives forever and ever.  

Rise up, dear friends, speak your truth.  Let the fire within burn.  Do not hesitate to speak Love and Light to all.  Bless you, dear friends.  I am with you.  

Message channeled August 25, 2010 
©Karen A. Shaffer 2013.  May be freely disseminated.
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