Do Not Fear to Take on Life!

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I am White Eagle.

Do not despair!  Death is not what you think it is.

There is no reason to be afraid.  Death comes to one and all but instead of thinking of it as death, think of it as Life Everlasting.  For you have not come to be here in this manifestation forever.  You are here for a time, to fulfill a purpose.  Keep your mind clear about your purpose.  You want to fulfill your contracts.  And so it is!  So you shall!  

But what of the end of it?  What happens when you have come to the end — all that you have proposed to do and all that you have done?  Do you simply fade away?  Is there no Light to light the way?  

Each footstep is golden along the path that has been proposed for you and you have traveled that path with Feet of Light and with a Heart of Gold.  Each step along the way has brought you joy amid the tears, amid the regrets, amid the sorrows.  Yet ultimately, there is JOY!  

It is JOY that rings out in the heavens when you have completed your life task.  Did you think you do not hear that joy, you do not hear that chorus of love, laughter and celebration?  Of course you do!  You are right in the center of it!  You join in the laughter, the love, the joy —  the Laughing, Loving Light — and remember truly who you are and what you were about in that earthly existence.  And then you will know — know the truth of who you are.

There is no greater joy than the discovery of the Spirit within you.  

Death is a manifestation of JOY!  It is the ultimate reunion, the ultimate moment of wholeness, of completeness, of fulfillment — of knowing who you are, what you have been and what you will always be.  Do not fear death.  It is but a welcoming home to all that you have known before — before coming into this life.

There is no greater welcome than this.  No holier celebration.  No finer reward for taking on the task the Ancients have assigned to you.  Of course you have stumbled along the way but you have triumphed each time your foot has gone astray.  How can this be, you think?  There is more to heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy (Horatio!)  Much more than you ever dreamed.

Don’t you see?  Earthly life is an interval, a space apart.  But at the same time integral with all that you are and all that you have been and all that you will ever be.

Do not fear to take on LIFE, for it is rich with possibility, rich with imagination, with joyous reward.  Take on LIFE and do not fear Death!  For I tell you there is no death but the passing into a new form, a new age, a new life.  A reunification with your higher selves.  With all that you are and all that you ever have been.  A celebration, a joyous celebration!  

So think happily on this, your life!  Be glad for it.  Make of it what you will.  And know that at the right time in the right way, all will be made clear to you.  All will be revealed.  All that you are and all that you ever have been will come into focus and you will laugh and you will smile and you will rejoice in your heart of hearts, knowing the truth, the full truth, all the Truth.

Be wise, beloved ones!  Be joyous!  Be hopeful!  Be forthright!  Move forward in all that you are doing.  Do not weep.  Do not be sad, for all who have gone before are with you, even now!  They are here for you and strangely enough as it may seem, you are here for them!

Make the world happy!  Bring it into joyous acknowledgment of who you truly are.  Bring the magnificence of all that you are into the hearts of one and all.  Be a light unto the world.

Lift your torch ever higher.  Wave the flag of beautiful things, of beauty beyond your comprehension.  Light the way for all to follow.  For you have nothing to lose, but all is yours to gain.  All is yours in Love, all is yours in Joy, all of yours is in Peace — Everlasting Life!  There is nothing that can extinguish who you are.  All peace is upon you. All joy is within you. All love surrounds you.

Be at peace.  Fear not what is to come, but rejoice in that reunification of spirit that awaits one and all.  

With gratitude for all that you have done for this planet, for your loving, caring hearts, for the stream of consciousness you have awakened in this dimension  — welcome you are!  Welcome indeed.  Welcome!  We rejoice in YOU and hold you close in the palm of our hands.  Therefore, be well, be happy, be secure, be free, be Love and the Light that you are.  For we are All One and in that Oneness we are All Light and we are All Love.  We are All One.

So be it, dear friends.  We love you, dear ones.  Be at peace.
Amen, Aum, So be it.
Bless you, my dear.  Bless you, my child, bless you.
So be it.
I am White Eagle.

Message channeled June 5, 2021
© Karen A. Shaffer 2021 (may be freely disseminated)

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You are Light

Dear One,

When you close your eyes and face the sun, what is there but Light?

The Light floods your eyelids, your face, your body though your eyes are closed.  What then, do you see?  How can you not see that the world is Light?  

All around you is Light.  Within you is Light.  There is nothing but Light and it shines on forever.  It is the only thing that endures.  

You are Light and everything is composed of Light.  There is nothing but Light.

When you face the Light, you have the warm sensation of dissolving in the Light.

And so it is when you pass on to the next life.  The Eternal Light is there for you – in you, with you, as you.  That which brings us close to the Light is to be honored as a gift from God who is the Light everlasting.

The beauty of that gift is in the Light and all who know it are free, dissolved in the magical healing power of the Light.  Dissolve yourself in the Light and be free.

In this, there is peace and life everlasting.

Be at peace.  Be free.

In the loving Light of the angels who guard you, now and forever.  So be it.

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What is it like?
What is it like in the next world? 

I will tell you.  When you slip out of your body, you will travel on the light to the next dimension.  It is very much like it is here on Earth but it is filled with light more brilliant than anything you have seen before.  It will dazzle you with its brilliance.  The colors you will see will be spectacular– richer than the deepest rainbow.  

You will find yourself immediately immersed in peace and love.  You will be greeted by angels and archangels and all your loved ones who have gone before you.  You will be embraced by Love–a Love you have never known in your earthly life.  Everyone will greet you with joy and you will find yourself enraptured with love and joy.  

Everything vibrates at a higher frequency in the next dimension which is why you haven’t been able to see it from your perspective.  

When you slip off your mortal dress, you resume your Light Body – your body of Light – that is your true self.  You become who you truly are and assume the qualities of the next dimension.  
There are many dimensions and you may choose how high you go.  You can explore the universe in your new freedom from your earthly body.  

Whatever you wish, is yours.  Whatever you think, you are.  Whatever you care about will be surrounded in golden light.  

There is nothing to fear – only joy awaits you.  

Be at peace.  Take the hands of your spirit guides.  They will usher you in to the next dimension.

New adventures and new assignments await you.  You are loved beyond your imagining!

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