You are Light

Dear One,

When you close your eyes and face the sun, what is there but Light?

The Light floods your eyelids, your face, your body though your eyes are closed.  What then, do you see?  How can you not see that the world is Light?  

All around you is Light.  Within you is Light.  There is nothing but Light and it shines on forever.  It is the only thing that endures.  

You are Light and everything is composed of Light.  There is nothing but Light.

When you face the Light, you have the warm sensation of dissolving in the Light.

And so it is when you pass on to the next life.  The Eternal Light is there for you – in you, with you, as you.  That which brings us close to the Light is to be honored as a gift from God who is the Light everlasting.

The beauty of that gift is in the Light and all who know it are free, dissolved in the magical healing power of the Light.  Dissolve yourself in the Light and be free.

In this, there is peace and life everlasting.

Be at peace.  Be free.

In the loving Light of the angels who guard you, now and forever.  So be it.

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What is it like?
What is it like in the next world? 

I will tell you.  When you slip out of your body, you will travel on the light to the next dimension.  It is very much like it is here on Earth but it is filled with light more brilliant than anything you have seen before.  It will dazzle you with its brilliance.  The colors you will see will be spectacular– richer than the deepest rainbow.  

You will find yourself immediately immersed in peace and love.  You will be greeted by angels and archangels and all your loved ones who have gone before you.  You will be embraced by Love–a Love you have never known in your earthly life.  Everyone will greet you with joy and you will find yourself enraptured with love and joy.  

Everything vibrates at a higher frequency in the next dimension which is why you haven’t been able to see it from your perspective.  

When you slip off your mortal dress, you resume your Light Body – your body of Light – that is your true self.  You become who you truly are and assume the qualities of the next dimension.  
There are many dimensions and you may choose how high you go.  You can explore the universe in your new freedom from your earthly body.  

Whatever you wish, is yours.  Whatever you think, you are.  Whatever you care about will be surrounded in golden light.  

There is nothing to fear – only joy awaits you.  

Be at peace.  Take the hands of your spirit guides.  They will usher you in to the next dimension.

New adventures and new assignments await you.  You are loved beyond your imagining!

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