"We are all One."
-- White Eagle

The spirit of White Eagle manifests in many different forms through many different people on this planet.  I make no claim to exclusivity.  Simply, this is the form in which this Master Spirit comes to me and I offer you the messages I have received and still receive because many people have found in them comfort, sustenance, and peace.  It is time to share them with the wider world and I do so with gratitude for this privilege.

Those of you who have been drawn to this website, may well be familiar with Grace Cooke’s beautiful White Eagle books published by the White Eagle Lodge in England.  I am not associated with the White Eagle Lodge although I, too, have found inspiration from those publications.  The messages offered here have no connection with those channeled by Grace Cooke many years ago.  

My purpose is simply to share these messages with you in the hope that you will feel uplifted by the Light they offer.  You may wish to return to White Eagle Speaks regularly as the content on this site will continue to change and grow.  There are many more messages yet to be shared.

With Love and Light, I welcome you!



Karen Shaffer has been receiving messages from White Eagle for many years.   She is pleased to be able to share these beautiful messages with the wider world through this website.  She has undergone extensive training in contemplative practice, metaphysical studies and energetic healing practices (Reiki, Medical Qi Gong) in many different forums, including among them The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, The Institute for Spiritual Development (both in Washington, DC), the Nyingma Institute, among others, and is an ordained minister in the Church of the Fellowship of Light.  In her professional life, Karen is the biographer of the great American violinist Maud Powell and the founder and president of The Maud Powell Society for Music and Education.  Hence, all donations via Paypal from this web site are donations to The Maud Powell Society for Music and Education, Karen's favorite charity.  For more information about The Maud Powell Society, click on the link above or go to www.maudpowell.org .  

Dedicated to the Light